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  1. I have confirmed surgery date on 15th March in Phuket with Dr Piyapas
  2. @Yollie I have sent you a friend request. I am a similar size to you wirh possibility a bit more breast tissue as I am a deflated c/d cup and I am leaning towards the same implants you got. I don't want to end up bigger than dd. Just want to fill out my boobs again.
  3. @Ejay you are pretty much the same height and weight as me. Do you know your bwd? Mine is 14cm. I am an ex bodybuilder and alao broad through the chest and shoulders. I am most likely going to go with 375 moderate plus anatomicals. I am still considering the 399 high profiles but feel more comfortable with the 375's.
  4. I would look at Citibank. They have good interest rates.
  5. Thanks ladies. I have narrowed it down and I am now comfortable with the options. They are 375cc moderate plus anatomical or 390cc high profile anatomical. Using the vectra there is almost no difference. It is a 0.7cm difference in the protection height. And a 0.5cm difference in width. Obviously the high being the difference in projection height but the moderate plus that tiny bit wider. Now I juat have to choose.
  6. Hi @Rachybabe What size did you end up choosing? I have a second consult with Dr Cunneen on the 6th January.
  7. I like the idea of having an Australian Registered Nurse with me during the trip. She has also told me she has spent some time working in the hospital there.
  8. If I go to Phuket I am travelling with Moira from Truely Medical Getaways. I will also have by surgery done by Dr Piyapas. I looked at Dr Thanakom also but he is on leave. Either way I will have surgery in March. If i go to Phuket it will be 15 March surgery date
  9. I havent decided 100% still. I have another consult with Sam when he is back from leave early Jan and then I will decide. If I am not happy there is a review board that I can go through in regards to going to Phuket. I am also still extensively researching it.
  10. If I can workout how to attach photos in my profile where they are private I will show you.
  11. Thanks ladies. I dont want to be bigger than a dd. I just wanr them to look natural and not that obvious that I have had a boob job.
  12. I havent decided 100% yet. I have had my consult so far with Dr Sam Cunneen in Perth. I am still also looking into the option of heading to Phuket to have them done. I am not sure I want 400's. I wabt my boobs to look as natural as possible. I am currently between a 12-14 c/d (depending on the bra) slightly deflated and bottom heavy. I worry that 400's will be massive snd I don't want to end up with an e or f cup where it becomes harder to buy bras at any given shop (if that makes sense).
  13. Hi ladies I havent booked it in yet, but Iam planning for mid march. I have had my first consult and the surgeon has suggested 400's. I am having a second consult in the first week of January to discuss sizing options further. I am 167cm and between 65 to 68kg. My bwd is 14cm
  14. Have any of you lovely ladies got a similar bwd width 14cm and if so what size did your surgeon recommend? I have been recommended 390 medium height high profile anatomical. I want my boobs to look as natural as possible so I am not sure if they will be too big. I am 167cm and between 65-68kg. Iam quite broad in the chest and currently have slightly deflated bottom heavy 14c-d bobbies, sometimes a 12d depending on the bra.
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