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  1. Hi Girls, i would appreciate any down to earth advice / personal experiences to really help me settle my mind. I been wanting breast surgery since about 13 - by 17 I had decided to go overseas and get it done but my parents wouldnt sign consent needed last minute. At 21 I seen advertisement for cheap augmentation in Aus anyway so enquired straight away!! Was heartbroken then being told I needed a lift cried for a week not feeling stupid not even realising it myself. I’m now 25 and finally have accepted I need a lift (defiantly now) and I just want confidence it’s something I have always thought about obviously. Deciding now I will finally do it, reasearched for days decided on Dr Edmund Ek, emailed his assistance to schuelde something and now I just can’t move forward.... I started reading about CC and people hating there surgeries, regretting it or people having to go back and I’m petrified I never thought about any of that years ago. I wake up in the morning having anxiety thinking about it and during the day, then gain confidence looking at other people’s stories! My whole life I have been soooo tight with money and in a family tight with money, I’ve been talking myself around spending 11-14k for weeks, I’m emotionally accepting it then read people say they wasted there money and wish they had never.. I know it’s a situation where you have to do it to know/if you want it the money doesn’t matter. Just need someone who has been in my boat? Think it’s even more scary knowing I need a lift to, thinking of the pain and months of worrying about the implants pre op gives gives me epic butterflies 😞☹️
  2. This has been something I have been procrastinating for so many years.. and think I'm finally going to do it. But can anyone be so generous to give any information about the TCI on the Gold Coast/what surgeron or implant? My biggest thing is finding a surgeon that can do the procedure without having to use drains, (feeling none of the TCI surgeons will), heard it's so much better without them from other testimonials/reviews, less pain and problems etc! Thanks so much to anyone wanted to help ;P
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