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    Breast augmentation
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    164cm - 50kg - 10A/B

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  1. grace1010

    Jan group

    I am feeling quite a bit of soreness/tenderness in my ribcage but other than that I'm pretty good. The only thing that gets me is the weight shift in my chest going from lying down to standing up! @Theloveofa I went to the shops for 20 minutes today and had to have about 4 rest breaks I got very puffed very easily... haha
  2. grace1010

    Jan group

    Thank you! In the waiting room now ... very nervous and excited
  3. grace1010

    Jan group

    Hi ladies, Are any of you getting your surgical garments through SPIRAN? I was notified to call them a couple of weeks ago but have not been able to get through! I've called countless times, left a message and sent an email with no reply and I'm starting to stress out that I won't end up getting my bra in time for my surgery (24th Jan). Have most of you sorted your garments already? Eeek.
  4. grace1010

    Jan group

    Hi girls! I'm booked in for January 24th with Dr Scott Ingram at Mater Brisbane. Im 164cm, 50kg, 10A/B and going with 295cc anatomical implants over the muscle. Hoping to be a D cup after surgery. Soooo excited
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