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  1. Post opp Make sure your microwave is at or below bench height!!! Voltaren/nurofen gel for your back, neck and shoulder blades. Sleeping aids like restavit once off the heavy drugs. Don't wait to get constipated!! Start taking mild laxatives as soon as you can!! Don't go back to a physical job too soon...minimum 3-4 weeks at least. Everyone heals at their own pace, its not a race, give your body the time it needs, i swear i was at least 2-3 weeks behind in everything compared to most of the others in my monthly group in fact i only started dropping around week 7-8 and still have alot to go! Time heals everything if you picked the perfect surgeon for you then you will get your perfect result just give it time 😊
  2. Rachybabe

    Jan group

    Hi lovely ladies how is everyones progress going? Finally at 6 weeks PO i have started to drop slightly😂 and waiting on the last patch of swelling to go down!! They are still rock hard and have very little posability of movment but it is coming 😊 have had a few issues with one of my incisoins healing/scabing due to the removal of a couple of small stitches but i put this down to a drunken wedding dancing the day after removal 😬 so have ordered some silicone sheets from overseas haha!! First day back at the gym today, lifting light weights, more so stretching and getting some of the movements back. Went well! Would love to see some beautiful progress shots!! Hope all is well with everyone xx
  3. Rachybabe

    Briggs vs cuneen

    I am also one of Sams clients, he is AMAZING!! Anyone wanting to see his work on me im 6 weeks PO and have all my progress shots and stats!
  4. Rachybabe

    Jan group

    I am absolutely regretting going back to work so early (physical job)😣 definitely feel as though i have taken 2 steps backwards in my progress with only 4 days done and 1 to go, you don't realise how much you use all your effected muscles!! Thankfully i have my 3 week check up tomorrow and am off on holidays for 3 weeks after that 😓 Is/did anyone else struggle with such tightness at the front of your armpits? And when could you fully lift your arms above your head as if you were going to shave your armpit? Hope everyones progress is going good!!
  5. Rachybabe

    Jan group

    Trying on old bras and for the first time in my life i have more boob than bra!!! 😄😍 @BoobsCD its actually just an old kmart bralette/cami 😝
  6. Rachybabe

    Jan group

    Yep i will also jump on the "dropping"nightmare....im 6 days post op and feel like mine haven't even started to drop yet, still swollen all around. My surgeon did mention as i am right handed my left will drop fisrt as it will get more rest, which dose make sense i guess! looking fabulous @NJoy Gees hope everyrhing is okay @Theloveofa keep us posted!!
  7. Rachybabe

    Jan group

    Hi all, great to hear everyone is recovering well with only a couple more ladies to go! I know a few spoke about minor weight gain last week but has anyone else had major bloating/swelling of the stomach/abdominal area, i feel like its more swollen than my new boobs?
  8. Rachybabe

    Jan group

    Funny you say this, i had a young teenage girl come out of surgery after me and she was in historics, couldnt stop laughing outloud and chatting to the nurses, she was so happy that her everyday life was about to change and how she has such an amazing "sleep" was so funny to listen too, certainly lightened up mine and all the nurses moods 😂😂
  9. Rachybabe

    Jan group

    ITS DONE.....yay🤗🤗All went well for me today, in at 8am home by 11.30am!! Feeling surprisingly good (not sure if its just the meds), the only pain i have is best described as a horrible bra with underwire digging in the middle of my chest. And not sure if anyone else had it but as i came too my lower arms/hands felt like they had no circulation wasn't a nice feeling, anyone else have this? Apparently its the local wearing off? All good now though, just wasn't expecting it!! Hope todays other laddies all go/went well xx
  10. Rachybabe

    Jan group

    Eeeekkkk good luck today @grace1010 hope everything runs smooth!!
  11. Rachybabe

    March 2017 Boobies Group

    Hi @Kait Im all booked in for surgery with Dr Sam Cunneen this Wed, your welcome to add me as a friend to follow my progress. Sounds like you are after exactly what i was wanting. I have gone with 390cc Mod profile, tear drop, under.
  12. Rachybabe

    Jan group

    Good luck to all you lucky girls today, wishing you all a speedy recovery! @BoobsCD im with you, can't see myself getting the sleep im hoping for over these next 2 nights! I have just arrived in Perth for my final pre opp consult today😬😬...its all sinking in! Great to here your recovering well @coconut87
  13. Rachybabe

    Jan group

    @coconut87 Hope everything went well today!!
  14. Rachybabe

    Jan group

    Is there anything else you can claim on private health? So far Iv only claimed for the surgical bra thanks to @excited_much!
  15. Rachybabe

    Jan group

    Another option... I was reccomended http://exquisitebodies.com.au/post-surgical-bras/ by my surgeon, they have a couple of different styles. I got these 2, one is a racer back and one is not which im supper happy about as racer back can be so hard to cover up sometimes! Also a good price of $50ech and speedy delivery! Hope im just as happy as she is the next time i have it on 😂😂