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  1. Hey, I'm 5"9 55kgs BW 14cm and had 520CC XHP rounds under the muscle on the 9/01/17. Ive gone from a 8B to a 10DD/E (no wire,no padding bra at the moment havent been sized in underwire yet) and happy with the look keeping in mind its still early days. ?
  2. Hey, I returned to work 10 days after my surgery doing my full 10 hour shift and that was fine. No issues. I did have a letter from my GP to state that I had lifting restrictions and a lower back support for my chair. It all depends on how you heal and how your body takes it so listen to your body, your ps and your regular gp ?
  3. Yeah its amazing how the CC's vary so much between people and their breast width allowances. A girl i work with is similar height and weight to me and her max was low 400's, she has boob greed at the moment but she is a 12cm and 13cm between each breast. I couldnt tell you her sizing yet as shes 4weeks po and hasnt even dropped much at all where as i started seeimg a drop on week1.. but she did chest workouts all the way up to surgery day where i stopped 2 months before i even had a consult :-)
  4. I was back at work on day 10! Feeling good and recovering well. Sleeping patterns are my biggest issue to being upright, i have been cleared to lay flat on my back but have been taking it gradually as i had a nap on my back for a few hours on day 8 and woke up feeling winded. Other than the sleeping its been pretty good. I work an office/desk job so no worries there.
  5. I'm 178cm 55kgs, breast circumference 14cm each. I went under muscle 560cc xhp. Small B pre op. I am now 15 days post op ? to early to be sized but very happy do far
  6. I had my surgery on the 09/01/17, I am taller than you at 56kgs with a breast base width of 14cm each. I was originally quoted by one surgeon in the high 300cc range. And with sizers thought they looked good. On my second consult different surgeon I was resized at 520cc to 560cc xhp. I thought the sizers looked HUGE Now that I have them, even though I am still healing I am glad I went with 560CC round xhp unders. They are not as big as I expected. I hear when going unders they do look smaller once they jave settled.
  7. Its all to do with your body and how the breasts sit, i also have a wide'sh gap and unfortunately there is not alot that can be done to change it without its own risks. I myself went in not wanting the gap, but was told the look I really wanted to achieve straight off the bat wasnt achievable due to my body. So far I'm at 7 days post op and its been a good journey ☺
  8. Hi all, I am now day 6 since my surgery with my week 1 check in tomorrow. A couple of things over the last few days. - swelling has gone down but it has brought on aches and pains - bruising I didn't know I had is now yellowing - no visible stretch marks - new pains and senstations when moving - one nipple is fine, the other was alright until yesterday and its worse today. It is so hyper sensitive and touching or gentle brushing it is painful - the implants are still very high causing discomfort to the armpit region i guess is how best to describe it - my back and sleeping upright is starting to catch up. Im using voltaren and a back roller to ease the lower back pain. This along brought a very hard realisation and it didnt help when i googled it ethier... Massages, how is one with installments meant to get a good decent back massage cause all i can think is when they massage the upper back you're gonna squish into the table.... time to find a massage place that has table boob holes. - Don't sneeze. For the love of god. - Boobmares, the terrible things my brain decided to project in my head while i tried to sleep - this week if you dont know there has been a heatwave on the gold coast, with a loverly thunderstorm rattling the coast at 4am. Getting boobs in the summer is probably something i should of considered. Photos to come in a few hours. Much love
  9. I starred using twice daily (morning and night) I used BIO oil and a high potency Vit E cream back in November when I decided to actually start looking at surgeons. I knew my skin was tight in this area so wanted to really make it hydrated. I stopped on the day of surgery and only applied the vit e cream after my first shower and kept it to the upper pole and on my sides (rib cage) only. From what we can see there's no stretch marks (idk how soon they appear?) And bruising is minimal. My GP recommended to cease the bio oil until my incisions have healed and the vit e cream is fine away from incisions as well as having them covered with waterproof coverings.
  10. It's been ok. I slept pretty rough last night but heres my first photo. Pretty swollen on the sides and there's bruises on the sides. Other than that i can't wait to see them heal properly. The photo is 28 hours post op ?
  11. Hey, I had my surgery yesterday. I slept upright in bed last night using a pillow that sits like the back of a chair, a small pillow between it and my lower back and a ushape and sausage roll pillow propping my legs. I slept 10hours and got up once ? currently drinking a protein smoothie and using a fridge chilled (not feeezer) gel pack on my ribs cause they feel bruised. I kept their compression socks from surgey on and will probably stop on day 4. I also bought a back support wrap round from the chemist to help the lower back pain. Thats me so far.. less than 24hra post op
  12. Hello, I am 178 and 55kgs anf had mine done yesterday! I have a circumference/base of 14cm so had 560cc xhp put in at a 13cm base per implant. Too early to tell yet but I will take photos and post later today ?
  13. Was in at 12 anf home by 4! Feeling sore and tired but all well so dar. Photos in the next few days
  14. Hey Girls So in less than 12 hours I will be prepping and getting ready to go in for surgery! I am anxious and stressed at the same time. I am pretty anxious, and have provably over prepared. Please feel free to share with me some recovery tips. I will keep you all posted once I feel ok after surgery! 5ft9 55kgs circumference 14cm Inplant: 560cc xhp or 520cc hp (yeap i am still undecided in the implant but have been told i can make all final decisions when I go in, pretty set on 560cc xhp) *excited nerves*
  15. Thank you all for the comments inteally appreciate it. I am more worried cause I did the typical look online for CC to Cup sizes and got a little scared as I saw some girls hit G cups with the same implant. I also have a skinny build and not a 'big' bum but I have had a booty in the past and plan on getting that back now that my knees are clear of issues. Basically I really am looking for a good fullness in the DD area, my sister and mother are both large breasted before children so I pulled the short straw on that gene pool. I just dont want to be too much bigger.
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