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  1. Hi Sandy, I went to TCI and I am so happy with my results. I picked Dr Lee for my surgery. At the start I wasn't too keen on going with TCI cause everyone "hears bad things" but you get that with all surgeons. I guess you hear a lot of good and bad cases from them cause a lot more people go there for their prices. I never picked TCI for their price... I was dead set on paying 10 grand for my boobs... But I couldn't find a surgeon where I liked their style or results. I looked at Goldcoast, Townsville & Sydney Surgeons, but I didn't like their before and after results. My sister went to TCI so I decided to check out their instagram page (even thou I didn't really want to go with them). But I fell inlove with Dr Lee's Style. Every picture I liked was his patients, and ill admit there was pictures on their I didn't like from other surgeons.. But that's just my opinion and style. No matter what surgeon I researched I always came back to him. But I am very glad I went with Dr Lee and TCI. They were great about everything including all my questions and so kind and helpful on the day of my surgeon. I am 8 weeks Post op and have had no issues at all. Just make sure you do your research and pick the surgeon that best suits the style you like. Good luck with your journey xx
  2. I went to bras and things to get fitted and she said at the moment I'm a 8E which they don't make that size so I can fit a 10DD. im 7 weeks post op now and I don't feel as if I can handle a wired bra so I've been buying bralettes and little sports bras. I went to the normal Big W and Kmart but there's no nice wireless bras that would fit DD. which made me annoyed cause I don't wanna spend a fortune at bras and things when my boobs still have to change. I went to cotton and and they had a lot of comfortable bras! And cheap! The sporty bra I got makes my boobs look awesome so I'll take a photo and put it up. But Heres a photos of bralette I got from cotton on
  3. So on the day of my surgery I asked my Surgeon whether I need to massage my boobs but he said it wasn't necessary but I can if I want. I want to massage to make them drop but worried it will wreck them cause people say they aren't meant to be. @taytay99 & @Suzie 8f- what kind of massage did they recommend, and did you find it made them drop more?
  4. So I have been told that textured implants shouldn't be massaged because the texture is to hold them in place and massaging involves moving the implant around in the pocket. i want to massage my implants so they drop faster cause I'm impatient! I want them to drop and fluff cause I have boob greed and they have strunk now they aren't swollen and I want them to fluff out. Whats the best way to speed up the dropping process? And is there anything you can do to cause more fluffing? Or is it just up to your body?
  5. You are a Saint! I am more at ease now after reading this comment. I will look up that nipple cream! Thank you Thank you ladies for your help, I did take pain killers last night to put me to sleep and im happy to say ive had a much better sleep! Yesterday I was so angry and tired, My GP cancelled my dressing change appointment 20 minutes before the appointment at around 6pm at night (Mind you I booked this 2 weeks in advance) And I go away today for work until Friday. I was so annoyed because I didn't want to keep my old dressings on for another week because of the dried up blood, and the fact they call 20 minutes before hand late in the afternoon... I had to ring a million doctors to find someone to do my dressings but most of them close at 5pm or booked out. thank god one place booked me for 8:30pm. So I may have taken my tiredness and frustration out on the nurse who cancelled my appointment.
  6. Hi Daisyjane I went 385cc and I'm quite a small thin person. These are my results 1 Week post op
  7. So im gonna start this topic off firstly by saying "WTF is Sleep?" So im 1 week post op and miserable! First of all, I cannot sleep... like AT ALL! Ive always been a huge belly sleeper and never on my back. Im not in any pain, I just cannot sleep on my back. I have tried to jam pillows behind my back to put me sideways, but it felt like I was pulling at my incisions. Im considering taking Painkillers just to knock me out its getting that bad. I attempted to sleep on my belly last night by putting pillows under my chest which didn't hurt, but got worried that it may stuff up my boobs. When is it ok to start sleeping on your belly again? Secondly, WTF is going on with my nipples! They are so sensitive and sore! Every time I move that causes my boobs to stretch a little bit, the ol' nips carry on like ive just jumped into ice water and get really sore. This has only started a couple days ago but they seem to love going hard and sticking out at the best of times! When do your nipples start to go back to normal? And Thirdly, when does the tightness start to ease off and your boobs start to drop? Also ive got a lot of back pain and unsure if its from how I sleep or because of the weight of my implants... If it continues after tightness goes away, would gym help if I strengthen my back to hold these bad boys up? Sorry about the rant, I am just lacking a lot of sleep and am very frustrated! On another note, Loving my new boobs
  8. This morning I had my first shower and nearly threw up. But I think it was because I took two panadine fort before hand. Im currently travelling from Brisbane to Townsville. (15 hrs by car). My goodness I can feel every bump! But I've discovered frozen peas are my best friend! Making the pain a lot more manageable! Got 8 hours to go! May stay in motel if pain becomes unbearable.
  9. Looking awesome @Aleysha!! I'm with you on the ribs!! They are hurting the most and under one armpit ?. My boobs are just tight feeling. I was feeling pretty good yesterday after taking panadine fort, but took endone at night cause nurse said it was stronger. I'm sorry but with my experience the endone is *****! Woke up so sore! My back ain't liking the sit up sleeping either ? But I took panadine fort about 10 mins ago and feeling great again ? @mum24 yeah I loved how quick I was in and out and the nurses and doctors were so great! I'm a bit embarrassed but cause I felt like I was awake for 10 mins and the nurse said I was awake for like 45mins and having a great old chat with her ? Who knows what I said hahaha! But soon as I came to I didn't have a bra on and got to see my boobs straight away. That made me happy cause I'm such an impatient person! She helped me put my bra on and gave me water and lollipop (my favourite!! ?) and within 15 mins I was feeling great so I had a little walk around and I was on my way! I was so happy with how smooth and easy everything went! Also loving the swollen ribs (not the pain) cause I've been such a skinny girl all my life and loving having my ribs filled out instead of sticking out haha!
  10. So today was the big day! Went into surgery at 9am and was in the car by 11:30am. They're very swollen at the moment but pains not as bad as I thought! Left size has pain from front to back and in my arm too. Other than that I'm feeling good!
  11. So I've been having the weirdest dreams!! I rocked up to my surgery and the hospital was like a little caravan with a bench for the surgery bed! And my surgeon is Chef Gordon Ramsey! He ends up giving me really small boobs! Haha I can't sleep from these dreams.
  12. @Wandering Fairy Im going to the Goldcoast one because Dr Lee goes there once a month and its cheaper for me to go to goldcoast rather than Sydney. Ill actually be driving back to north qld the day after surgery. A lot of people say its a bad idea but ill load the car up with pillows and blankets and we are driving along the coast so there is plenty of hospitals on the way up which I can stop at if I have any problems. I've never been one to fuss about pain so I don't think pain will be an issue for me. Ill be drugged up and sleeping the whole way (Boyfriend will drive)
  13. @mum24 Yes I'm going with Dr Lee I've heard such good things about him! When I first started looking into a BA I was on the Cosmetic Institutes Instagram and every photo I liked was all of his patients. I love his style. Yes definitely gotta listen to people that have actually gone through them. I've actually had a girl tell me my boobs are gonna be f'd up if I go there.. Cannot wait to prove them all wrong Might need to start giving out big hugs to these girls after surgery Press the bad boys up against them
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