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  1. Hey girls, hope all of you who are recovering are doing well and are super happy. And those who are yet to come and have nerves, they will be replaced with awe very soon. I was astounded when I did a before and after collage today of pre-op and day 10.
  2. I was rejected by Cosmeditour for implants only as they said I needed a lift. From all my research I knew I could get away with no lift - grade 1 ptosis. One PS and CS later and I got my implants only last week with UHP furry implants to give that lift without having one and they are amazing. I dont even have a crease touching under my breast! I am sooooo happy I didnt listen to the first opinion. If in doubt, get a second opinion.
  3. Hey girls, I am glad everyone is on top of their recovery. I am day 4 post-op and have this morning headed home from my sisters - 1.5hrs drive in a manual and made it unscathed? Havent needed any pain meds since yesterday and only today has my left started that squelchy sound which I know is normal. I have been playing today with a couple out outfits and swimmers and am really happy with my early results. Lots of faint bruising (faint due to Arnica) and some swelling to go down. Thought I would post a pic for those who havent had theirs yet. I got 320cc teardrop brazilians over the muscle. Nipple cover shot is day 2, bikini day 4.
  4. Good luck today @splendid.leigh. I havent seen any polytech after pics, but a few furry ones which will be the same Im guessing. Im now about 22 hrs post op and can only see a bit of my cleavage as I have the compression bra and also a strap. Back to Dr today where I should get my first look ????
  5. Hey girls! I was very lucky to be first up on the surgery list this morning. Everything went fantastically well. I was quite calm with some excitement nerves. Am resting in bed propped up on 3 pillows with my neck pillow and Im comfortable. Pain wise, even though I went over the muscle is still very tender and sore more on the top section of my boobs. I am fading in and out of sleep at the moment. I have a strap around the top to compress and push down - not sure whether this is standard or not, and also a compression bra. I cant see much at all because of the strap and bra, but will tomorrow when I go back to the surgeon. Very happy so far and cant wait to see them.
  6. How are all you early month girls recovering? I just woke up realising it will be the last time I wake in my own bed (going to my sisters tonight) with my old boobies. Will be getting phone call today to let me know times for admission, surgery and fasting for tomorrow. Im as prepared as I can be and cant believe it is now TOMORROW!!! ??? @mum24 I will be with you in spirit ?
  7. Getting these implants tomorrow - 320cc with Dr Szalay, Brisbane
  8. I have seen some button up stretchy short sleeved t-shirts in cotton on that I will check out soon. My prep starts on Thursday - 2 weeks pre op - with Arnica spray and avoiding alcohol ? and getting my medication. I found a pic of a girl with same shape, profile and size that I have chosen and even tho I dont know what she was pre-op, I am so excited that I have a good idea of the outcome. Getting excited girls!!
  9. Hey girls... Starting to get a little bit organised now with a my list of things to start doing from 2 weeks before. Wont be long! Just bought a travel pillow from Trade Secret $7.95 and also bought a zippered sports bra online from Aliexpress. Pic incl if anyone is interested. Cant believe it's "next month" now! I am having second thoughts of going bigger ? Dr suggested 320cc teardrop UHP and Im currently a deflated 10C cup, so I know I have a bit of tissue there already. I am a pettite 59kg with narrow shoulders, but I REALLY dont want to have that feeling of wishing I went bigger. Is anyone else having second thoughts on size??
  10. Hi @Elle81 I too am booked with Dr Szalay 9th Feb... Xhp 320cc teardrop. I have bfed 3 boys too. Very similar! Lol... Are you getting the Polytec ones? He would only use them on me... Will love to follow you ?
  11. Six weeks @Wandering Fairy!! I hadn't got down to weeks yet lol. How are you feeling about the extra high profile? I know I need it to fill my volume out and I am petite, so am a little apprehensive, but going by what my surgeon has suggested. I had found so helpful the list of things to do pinned to the breast surgery thread. I am not nervous about the surgery itself, only about the unknown result that I really hope I am going to adore.
  12. Following this as I my surgeon has also suggested extra high profile 320cc.... xx
  13. Hey Nikki, I am booked with Dr Szalay and they were still booking for January before they closed for the holidays. I booked for February as I needed certain dates. It is a $600 deposit to book the date and balance payable one week before surgery. Not sure of any payment plan as I didnt ask and they didnt offer.
  14. Hi lovely ladies, I am booked 9th February with Dr Szalay, Brisbane. I went and saw Dr Rosenbaum on GC and he suggested normal teardrop around 270cc. Dr Szalay said he would much rather put me in Polytec PU implants for a better result. After 3 kids, bf for over a year each and loss of upper volume I have been researching for at least year to get back my volume. So have decided on 320cc PU extra high profile teardrop over the muscle. Over the muscle because I am a B cup and still have a bit of breast tissue, but just needs filling out! I didnt want to have a BL because it is my own personal feeling that I didnt want the scarring. My nipple is just above the fold thankfully. Even tho Dr Szalay is quiet, he seems very thorough. I have organised for my sister to look after me for 2-3 days after surgery and then I will be on my own which I am a little afraid of. Cant wait to see all of our experiences and share it together! Mumof4 - that 3D image is a fantastic way of seeing your potential results!! xx
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