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  1. Do you have any tips for speedy recovery from rhinoplasty? Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. A friend shared to me that she noticed a lump developing near her nose tip after an extensive open rhinoplasty. Did anybody here experience the same thing? Is it temporary?
  3. May I know if anybody here has gotten a rhinoplasty with Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetic Surgery?
  4. i am also curious if a revision rhinoplasty is more expensive. Also, will it take more time to heal or to perform?
  5. I am curious if getting a revision rhinoplasty is more expensive. How is it any different from your first procedure? Will it take more time to heal?
  6. My surgery went well without a hitch, and thankfully so did the recovery period. Around two weeks time, the swelling and bruising has pretty much gone down. I heard from some sources that you can conceal any temporary discoloration with concealers or makeup (if you have the talent to do so then well and good). We all heal at our own pace and in different ways, which is why it is critical that you follow your surgeon's advice because this gives you the best chances at healing successfully. Why? Because they are the ones who know your condition better since they are the ones who took your medic
  7. Please follow your surgeon's advise to avoid getting yourself into problems. Your nose is very delicate as it heals, and you don't want to mold it any other way. However, I do understand your concern since eye care is also important especially when driving. I would suggest that you ask your doctor about this.
  8. Can anybody here who has undergone a double eyelid surgery share their thoughts on the procedure and the results?
  9. Thanks for the info! I also learned that it makes for a good option for those who wish to see what they would look like if they will undergo surgery. Learned a lot here too. http://www.advancecosmetic.com/blog/rhinoplasty-versus-non-surgical-nose-job But thank you for sharing that experience. I am now keen on trying that one out first. Just to see how I would look like should I opt for the permanent solution. Hi! In what way did your facial anatomy make it hard for you to get a rhinoplasty? Sorry, I'm just curious because I am also wary that I might be exposed to those prob
  10. I came across posts which say that there is such a thing as a liquid rhinoplasty. What I want to know if this is a better option than actual surgery?
  11. Hi! I'm sorry for what happened to your nose job result. If it is okay with you, how much did you pay for the entire procedure? My first decision in the past was to go for surgery abroad I was checking this out when i did: http://www.advancecosmetic.com/blog/rhinoplasty-worldwide. I was also setting my eyes on Asia, particularly in Thailand, however, I was a bit apprehensive since I have heard about some botched outcomes, although there are also successful results. But what concerned me then was the follow-up, which in your case, they are giving you a hard time. What is worse is that revi
  12. When is a person too young for a nose job? I have a nephew who had his nose a bit crooked due to an accident a year ago. Adding to that, he is also experiencing some difficulty in breathing. Aside for aesthetic purposes, i think the surgery will be good for his health and well-being too. Due to the purpose of having the rhinoplasty done, is it possible for us to get it covered by insurance? Your answers will be deeply appreciated.
  13. Why don't you try get a consultation with Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. I had my procedure treatment done by him. You can check him out of you are still on a search for good surgeons.
  14. I had my operation done by him! I was very much pleased with the results because it was just what I wanted. He is also very open to questions and was very detailed in during his consultation. I chose him specifically because of his experience with the procedure and also because of a lot of good reviews from forums and some people I know. Dr Kim is also known for his ability to create good results in asian double eyelid surgery, and I can say you that he is versatile in his craft. Hope your consult with him went well!
  15. Wow, that's great! You are healing amazingly too! DId you apply a medication or anything to hasten the healing?
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