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  1. dignamom42

    I want to do it but...

    Cosmetic surgery is getting more prevalent either because people are more affluent or because the procedures are more affordable. Procedures like Rhinoplasty surgery is very affordable in the Manila. A lot of tourists travel there for vacation and cosmetic surgery as well. That is because the medical services provided in the Philippines can rival the best in the world. One expert rhinoplasty surgeon I recommend is Dr Rino Lorenzo who did my nose a couple of years ago. It was really hard stuff. Post surgery was painful. But after a few months, it became much better. Glad that I did it. I love my result!
  2. I recently decided to get quadruple blepharoplasty, which means I'll get the fat sucked out from under both eyes and have some skin and fat removed from the crease of both eyelids. I see my friends over events and nobody notices that I look different which was great! They all say I looked good. The same thing happens at a meeting. I got several compliments and I start to wonder if people are seeing a difference without knowing exactly what it is. I give credit to my good surgeon for that. Good thing that one of my friends referred me to Dr Rino Lorenzo when I visited Manila last year. I feel more confident and I actually don't mind getting my picture taken now than before i had my surgery. Anyways good luck with yours!
  3. dignamom42

    Blepharoplasty info

    Before the actual procedure, you will probably have a preoperative appointment with your surgeon. Aside from consultation and depending on the procedure, this visit may also include blood testing. I had my cosmetic surgery in Manila with Dr Rino Lorenzo of Philippine Cosmetic website and it only cost me at a very affordable rate. It included everything hotel accommodation. I had such a good time.Obviously after operation it was a painful but I took painkiller so it was alright. I hope you feeling much more better now.
  4. dignamom42

    help- can a nose job help me?

    I think this could be improved , yes. Better consult a good surgeon to check you out. One of the most important steps in assuring a satisfactory rhinoplasty outcome is selecting the right surgeon. Since rhinoplasty ranks among the most challenging of all cosmetic procedures, at a bare minimum you should find a surgeon with genuine rhinoplasty expertise, considerable rhinoplasty experience, and a resume of consistently favorable results. it has been a far better experience than I'd imagined. I've found Dr. Rino Lorenzo and I'm very happy with my result. It been almost a year of post op and I'm already satisfied with the development.
  5. dignamom42

    How does getting a second bigger BA work?

    Hi there. If you have breast implants that are covered adequately by your breast tissues, the breasts are soft, shape is good, no sagging and the breasts complement the rest of your body, then leave them alone. If you have issues with any of the above, then you can consider revision surgery. It's important that you get a consultation from your cosmetic surgeon to really help you gauge your situation. When I thought of getting a 2nd breast augmentation in Manila I made sure that I consulted several surgeons first, and then chose a good doctor (Dr Rino Lorenzo of the Renewed You Aesthetic Center) to really help me achieve a good result.
  6. Hi, I'm a forty-years-old IT professional, living in the States. Recently I have noticed sagging skin around my eyelids. I am annoyed because I am looking older. I don't want this droopy eyelid as everyone has started noticing it. I saw a page on FB , for improving appearance for eyes, from a clinic in Manila. So I decided to have one early this year. I’m glad that I did, I was totally happy with my result! Thanks Dr Rino Lorenzo and to his staff at the Renewed You Aesthetic Center as well. I now feel more confident!
  7. dignamom42

    When did yours soften up?

    Hi there. My husband (who feels them often LOL) told me he felt a big difference after 4 weeks after my surgery in Manila. I noticed that they are feeling softer all the time. My good doctor, Dr Rino Lorenzo said they would keep getting softer for awhile. But at a month out they feel pretty darn good. I didn't do any message either, just let them do their thing. The time really does fly. Good Luck
  8. dignamom42

    Supportive bra at night

    When I just had my post reduction i used to wear my old bras. Each surgeon has different recommendations for his or her patients. My good doctor Dr Rino Lorenzo adviced me to wear my old bras. Although the cups will be too big, there is plenty of room for dressings and the band around will fit as it did before surgery. Then, when there is drainage and the bra gets dirty, it can be thrown out--which was going to happen anyway. Right now my result look good and I feel better more than ever. I just love it!
  9. dignamom42

    I want to do it but...

    Rhinoplasty can not only enhance the look and function of the nose, it can also improve confidence and eliminate years of self-consciousness caused by your nasal appearance. Nose surgery can be performed for cosmetic reasons or for health reasons such as a deviated septum that interferes with breathing also results of rhinoplasty surgery are permanent. If you wish to know more about the surgery procedure and cost and also for free consultation you could approach Manila surgeon Dr Rino Lorenzo for more information on how to do your rhinoplasty surgery. Best of luck!
  10. There are various reasons why individuals opt for this procedure. Some are unhappy with the nose with which they were born or the way aging has changed their nose. For others, an injury may have distorted the nose and in many, there is the additional goal of improving breathing. As the nose occupies a central position on the face, the size and shape of the nose has a great impact on an individual’s appearance. One advice I could give is to choose a good surgeon that fits your requirement. A good surgeon must be certified and specializes in rhinoplasty surgery. I had rhinoplasty in Manila a couple of years ago so I know. One expert rhinoplasty surgeon I recommend is Dr Rino Lorenzo who did my nose. Regarding pricing, aside from Europe, cosmetic surgery is very affordable in Asia. A lot of Europeans and Americans travel Manila for vacation and cosmetic surgery because of the medical services provided in Manila can rival the best in the world. Goodluck!
  11. I'm guessing you want a nice, natural look. I would suggest you go to a rhinoplasty surgeon that fits well with what you want as a result of your rhinoplasty . There are a lot of good cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines. In fact a lot of people choose the Philippines for plastic surgery so that they can combine their medical procedure with vacation time as well. If you wish to know more about the surgery procedure and cost and also for free consultation you could approach Manila surgeon Dr Rino Lorenzo for more information on how to do your revisions.
  12. dignamom42

    I'm scared my revision won't be successful

    Hi Johny, There is no real need to fear your revision. What you need is to choose a good surgeon to do it. For example, does your surgeon have experience in the procedure you want? Each area of cosmetic surgery needs different skills. Operating on a nose is different from operating on a breast. I had my revision rhinoplasty in Manila with notable surgeon Dr Rino Lorenzo. He also did my tummy tuck 3 years ago. It went really well. I'm glad that I did it. Good luck with yours!
  13. Hi endless summer. I guess the important thing here is for you and you alone to decide if you want to get a rhinoplasty procedure done. Most people who don't like their noses are low in self esteem. But with rhinoplasty around, there is no reason for putting up with the flaws that nature has thrashed upon your nose. Now if your looking for a good surgeon in Asia, particularly in Manila. One top surgeon I can recommend is Dr Rino Lorenzo who did my nose last year. I like the good doctor because he was very accommodating and answered all my questions enthusiastically. Good luck!
  14. dignamom42

    Do I need a facelift?

    That really depends on you. Face lift surgery is really a personal decision. This is really a peculiar type of surgery which is really an elective surgery. My doctor Dr Rino Lorenzo adviced me when I had my post op in Manila 3 years ago that not all patients can be treated with the same technique, and the complexity and length of surgery affect cost. It may differ from patient to patient though. The best person you can ask for advice is your surgeon. Best of luck to you.
  15. dignamom42

    Hilarious things since I got boobs.....

    Hi there. I had my breast implants done a couple of years ago. My surgeon Dr Rino Lorenzo was very good. I love my new pair! Have they changed my life? No, not really. I am the same person I was before and have the same approach to life. Have they enhanced my life? Yeah! Just the same way that getting a tattoo makes some people happy, getting breast implants made me happy. It makes me happy that I was able to change a little something that bothered me. Hope it will change your lives too for the better. Good luck everyone!