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  1. @Wandering Fairy - I'm still having some bleeding/oozing from the left. I saw the surgeon yesterday and thankfully have the bulky dressing off. I now just have steristrips. Pain.... I get hellacious zaps along the outer aspect of both breasts and the incisions kinda pull for lack of a better description. Otherwise, they are beginning to drop and my sideboob is looking good. I kinda regret not having a lift with the BA but I can do that later.
  2. Best of luck! I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.
  3. Ahhhhhh yes the dreams are weird! I woke this morning and had been dreaming in a Scottish accent and I was explaining to some woman on the phone that 41 is not too old to work. What the hell, brain? Glad everyone is doing well! I'm seeing the surgeon this morning to have dressings off and to find out why I'm still bleeding.
  4. @Turbopeach (ooh! Figured out how to tag!) Good luck! Morning boob ... I think it happens after being in the same position for several hours. I think the implant/boob settle and this results in a stiff/ache/THING when I first sit up. It lasts about 5 minutes. @mum24 A friend has gone out to get the cling film. Re: shape - they are very high and the lower halves of my boobs are kinda empty. I'm really hoping they drop soon!
  5. Morning boob was less angry today. I'm still sleeping in my nest of V pillows and actually getting some sleep. Today I'm going to have a shower and wash my hair. I'm not to get my dressings wet so I forsee some creativity with clingfilm and washcloths. And! A friend is dragging me out for coffee and cake. I'm fretting about the current shape of my boobs... I want expecting unders AT ALL so didn't prepare myself for that possibility. I know they should drop and fluff but still! How's everyone else doing?
  6. Morning boob is a treat, isn't it? I now have lots of squelching and sloshing in the left breast. I thought it was my stomach at first! I get occasional pain at my incision sites and the occasional muscle spasm. I possibly get to have a shower tomorrow and am super excited about that!
  7. Yeah - plan was for overs but my anatomy thought otherwise!
  8. Yay! We all seem to be doing well. I don't like sleeping upright/on my back. I slipped down in the bed and felt a bit like a turtle... thank goodness I have great core strength or it would have been an awkward start to the day. I'm on paracetamol only and just iced for the first time. Here's day 1:
  9. I had a chat with a nutritionist regarding post-op intake (I also lift and don't want to lose what I've built.) He advised 1.5-2g/kg protein to help prevent catabolism of muscle. Overall 30kcal/kg per day. Females are more likely to lose muscle mass 'cause of lower testosterone levels than men. Unfortunately, we'll lose some bulk but muscle memory will prevail! (I had major surgery last year and had to take 12 weeks off all lifting... 6 months later was at 117kg deadlifts. We will be fine!) I hope this helps. ?
  10. It went pretty well. I had some issues with bleeding intra and post-operatively but that's all okay now. I'm glad I went with 680s... they'll be big but with my BWD and shoulders they don't look humongous. Not thrilled that they are dual plane as it now interferes with my weight training but, we'll see how it goes ?
  11. How did it go? I ended up with 680cc dual plane Opticon.
  12. I have very broad shoulders/chest. My BWD is something like 18 if I remember correctly. I live in England. My bleeding has stopped. I keep getting told off for doing things. I'm in overnight due to other medical issues but they were willing to send me home ... this was before the bleeding so I'm glad I stayed. I'm feeling pretty ok on just the paracetamol until I do something stupid like try to pull the curtains closed! The nurse expected me to move the bedside table and didn't seem to understand why I couldn't... Did you get some sleep?
  13. I'm not allowed to move ... I've had some oozing/bleeding and have to sit quietly... I didn't plan for dual plane so I have a friend staying a few days. I tried to put the lid on my chapstick and OUCH. I only have paracetamol for pain relief. Not sure what that is in Australia!
  14. Done! .. ended up with dual plane 680cc anatomicals and they look huge! I'm very pleased. The soreness is weird. It's like a burning combined with a bruise that keeps getting bumped! How are you feeling, Wandering Fairy?
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