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    BA and internal mastopexy
    325cc left and 375cc right UHP round smooth unders
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    Mr Andrew Greensmith, 12th April2017
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    175 cm, 61 kgs

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  1. I got 375 right & 325 left high profile unders. ?
  2. @MrsGreatfull00... you sound just like me. I'm over 7 weeks postop and am still trying to get comfy on my side. Left side is a lot better than the right but the last few nights has felt a bit better. I too end up going back to my back after a while. Worrying they may move or something!! I still have a lot of tightness at the top of both breasts. It's a long, slow process for sure!
  3. Hi. @thecuriousone... . no I still don't feel normal!! i still have pain at the side of my breasts and tightness across the top to the sides. Still not sleeping ok. Tried on my side but it's not comfortable & I'm worried I'll wake up with one bob in the middle of my chest!! Wondering if it's the bra....& tape reaction is annoying. Having said all that... happy with how they look. Hope things get better for you soon xx
  4. Hi all Hope everyone is going well with their recovery. I'm now 3 and a half weeks post op. Still some bruising, quite tight and sore in some spots. There's not a moment that I don't feel them...when I'm walking or just doing anything. Think I expected to feel 'normal' by now!! Very itchy around the incisions but I think that's a reaction from the tape. They've started to drop thank goodness. Very happy but I'm still getting used to them!! ? Thought I'd post before & afters. Looking fabulous.
  5. I'm a bit reluctant to tighten my bra just yet but understand where you're coming from. I have 2 bras and the one I came out of surgery with feels a bit tighter. I bruised up quite a bit from the band but I do bruise easily. The only adjustment I've made is to the shoulder straps. At my 1 week post op appointment the surgeon put it back on and made that adjustment. Safe travels @SarryGrace and know that you're in great hands!
  6. Hi ladies Thought I'd post a bit of an update. Day 3 to 5 I was questioning my decision. Think I just wasn't used to them & a bit emotional. I'm day 12 now and things have settled down a bit. I still have a bit of discomfort and quite a bit of tightness but I think my compression bra is contributing to that. I'm going to have to keep an eye on my posture as I'm tending to slouch for fear of getting my boobs knocked! I'm still sleeping propped up every night which is a bit of a pain and hard to get used to. Morning boob every morning!! Boobs are very sensitive and stingy/zappy (only way to describe it)...nipples also sensitive and feel like they're on high beam constantly!! I had an internal mastopexy with my BA. My post op appointment (Day 8) went well and my surgeon was happy with how things are progressing. Had my first shower the morning after (Day 9) and looked at my boobs for the first time. It took that long....I was frightened I wouldn't like what I saw so I put it off! Anyway...I'm extremely happy with my results so far. Big transformation from the empty sacks that sat on my chest!! Quickly tried on bralette & bather top & was staggered at the results Dr Greensmith was able to achieve. I'm happy to post a pic but there's a bit of bruising. A big shout out to @myturn46 for her support when I was going a bit nutty. Her reassurance was much appreciated. Happy to answer any questions. Hope everyone is going along well and for those who are yet to have their procedure, good luck & remember that it all gets easier with time. Xxx
  7. Hey @BB1986, hope your recovery is going well. I went under the muscle too so pain and tightness still there. Bruising is pretty horrendous but I knew that would be the case. How are you feeling?
  8. Hi @BB1986 .... I have more pain in my right boob & it's a lot more swolen than the left. I felt great on leaving the hospital but crashed that night.
  9. Hi @Lavinia13 I'm one day post op & had one of these on my first night. Truth is I had about 10 cushions to try and get comfy! I think this is going to be great for day time relaxing. Last night I could not have gone without my travel neck pillow. The one with beans inside. A must have! ?
  10. Hi ladies . On the other side now. Had an early start, getting to the Surgery at 6.30am. Cannot fault the amazing staff at Stonnington along with Mr Greensmith. I'm so happy with my result so far. I was stressed about size but they are just the size I wanted. (I know they'll change a bit). I'm thrilled!!!! I had extremely deflated & ugly breasts. Why didn't I do this sooner?!!! Pain levels are fine. Just feel tightness and a bit of a struggle taking deep breathes. Had UHP round unders, 325cc left and 375cc right. I'll try and post some pics of today, still have the markings on me, & will ask the surgeon for before pics tomorrow when I get the drains removed so you will get some idea of the drastic change. Feel its going to be life changing! Good luck to all on their booby journey!
  11. Thanks. Think it's going to be a struggle to sleep tonight!
  12. Thanks. Think it's going to be a struggle to sleep tonight!
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