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    BA 350cc moderate plus profile anatomical implants
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    Dr. Alex Phoon march 2017
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    167/50/6-8A pre op/6E-8D post op (EU 60E/65D)

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  1. You are fooling yourself thinking lipo is the easy way to get in shape.. yes you can be in better shape for some time after lipo but if you continue your lifestyle that led you to eccess fat on your body in the first place, you will gain it back sooner or later. Blunt truth ?
  2. Would love to chat but I think I'm no help to you as I don't really get this boob greed thing, if mine were any bigger Id be unhappy. ?? Good luck to you on your journey anyway and Im sure you find some likeminded peeps here ☺️☀️
  3. Hi @Delafox Welcome to forum and good luck researching There’s plenty of good info here. I had my BA with dr Phoon. I’m happy I had him as my surgeon, haven’t had any issues etc. I’m sure you’d be in great hands with him as his doing all sorts of BA not just straight forward cases. Feel free to ask any questions
  4. Hey @Paigeaf92 Im way shorter then you, 168 and 50kg and got 350 cc under muscle and started off with 10a too. They are not too big. I have photos in my gallery, if you send request for galelry friend you can have a look. Of course everyones different and same sizes etc will too look different on same stats person but Maybe it helps a little to get some picture. I would go bigger if I was as tall as you But it depends also which profile implants you are getting Good luck with your decision and getting what you dream of!
  5. Hey, I think my post op meds were all together around 40$ and I couldnt claim back the bra cost (50$) because it was provided to me but my friend could, so that may vary.
  6. @PN1982 You should be fine as long as its not painful or too uncomfy I started sleeping on my side week post op and I put pillow between my arms cos it felt weird to squish my boobs with my arms ?
  7. You can sleep on your side when you feel comfortable to do so hope you have a breezy recovery!
  8. @pink butterfly I get that senditivity and dull ache now during my period too, never happened before I had implants put in.
  9. Recommend dr Phoon I flew over to Sydney from WA, had Skype consultation, then face to face consutation before the surgery with him. He answers real quick over e-mail too which makes it easier when not local
  10. I Recommend dr Phoon I went with him , he's lovely person and amazing as ps.
  11. Hey, check out Park Clinic Sydney Instagram and Snapchat. They share awesome recent photos and videos of works done by Dr Moradi and dr Phoon. My surgeon was Dr Phoon but dr Moradi seems as amazing! They are awesome
  12. I went to Bras N things too I think and got measured 10D and that fit me. They recommended to try 10DD as well to be sure and checked several times if the bras fit me. Very nice Maybe you'll have better luck with different person there.
  13. @sweet_suga I think it's normal, I didn't have swelling first day post op and second day I woke up so swelled even my sides were all swollen, so tight too. I freaked out thinking something is wrong but my bf calmed me down, and he was right - it was just swelling remember it's big trauma for the body
  14. I think not much D&F has happened to me, I'm not sure to be happy or sad about that ? What do you ladies think ?
  15. Ive always hated sleeping in anything, I sleep naked, no crops etc anymore, I'm almost 4months post op. My surgeon said its fine and also fine to go braless. I understand its good to take care of them but also it was my dream to go braless and still have boobs, one reason I got BA in the first place. So I want to enjoy having breasts now ?? ofcourse when at work, exercise etc I make sure they are supported well.
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