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  1. I was reading that the risk of blindness can happen even from lip fillers: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/beauty/cosmetic-surgery/australian-society-of-plastic-surgeons-warns-dermal-fillers-can-cause-blindness-following-shocking-new-south-korean-study/news-story/719bc720d263f5162241e979d5877aad "Prof Ashton said blindness from filler can occur following an injection anywhere on the face, not just around the delicate eye area. Even lip injections, which are hugely popular among young women, can cause blindness."
  2. I wasn’t asked to have blood tests but I’ve done them anyway for my peace of mind. If you’re worried take the tests. It’s free anyways. Go to your GP and say you need them for surgery. They’ll send you to pathology. I’m always low on iron so I really wanted to know my levels. They were low of course and I was given the go from my PS to take supplements.
  3. Not sure why Dr Scamp doesn't advertise himself well. Doesn't post many photos on his website. I was a client and had breast augmentation and I'm very happy. If you're still looking and want to know more let me know.
  4. @fishlips did you go ahead with the fat transfer to lips? Please let me know how it went and what are the chances of survival.
  5. @vlinder have you thought about face fat grafting with Dr Scamp? I would rather do that then fillers as it’s cheaper long term I think and I have many areas that I want to target. I know he did fat grafting for your breasts if I remember right. Am I right?
  6. LCA have a special offer $890 for 2ml cheeks fillers. When I asked they told me is Juvederm Voluma.
  7. @GeorgiaP and @moonstonerain how did you go with the fillers? I'm looking to do my lips as well and not sure where to go on the Gold Coast. I would go to Brissy too if there's someone better there.
  8. @Ella79 @vlinder where did you get your lip fillers from? do you have any before and after? I live on the GC and looking for myself.
  9. Awesome, thanks for sharing your story. You look great! I'm keen to straighten my teeth and get veneers after, so this is good information for me. It costs crazy money here and I did not know your teeth get shaved when using porcelain veneers, that's crazy!
  10. Listen to your body. If you're feeling discomfort don't do it. I remember even slow walking was uncomfortable. Went back to the gym after 6 weeks and ate salads for 6 weeks! I did not gain weight and my skin never looked better from so many salads lol
  11. @seriouslyshy34 Can you send us a picture of your smile? I'm actually looking for a good orthodontist at the moment, so I'm curious to see your issue.
  12. Hi, I am your size and I had 380cc over the muscle (Motiva ergonomix). I think they suit my body really well and everyone has said so. I felt at some point that I wanted bigger but after they've fluffed (or maybe I got used to them, not sure), I think they're perfect. I'm 9 months after the surgery I think. I've attached an image in a dress. I have no padding whatsoever. Message me if you want more info.
  13. First pic 6 months Second pic 2 weeks Third pic 3 months I had 380cc Motiva ergonomix subfacial and wanted a natural look. I’m very happy with the result
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