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  1. Sheba

    Getting Lipo soon!

    So the G5 massage was different! It didn’t hurt at all, and they start on the lowest setting and work up over the course of treatments. A little tip, make sure you wear your compression garment for the appointment. I had worn mine, but apparently someone hasn’t in the past and it can make the experience quite uncomfortable. You wear the garment during the G5. I was advised not to do my home massage the next day because of the swelling the G5 can cause. I did feel a little more tender for the rest of the day, but nothing bad, just that you knew something had been done. The last couple of days has seen the biggest reduction in pain and stiffness for me. I’ve got more of an itch sort of feeling on my legs than anything, and practically no pain apart from a slight bruised feeling when I touch my body.
  2. Sheba

    Getting Lipo soon!

    Day five post op and I had my follow up appointment today. Everythung ud looking great. Dr Chen is even surprised with how flat and small I’m looking. He’s advised me on how to massage the areas to reduce swelling and to discourage lumps and scar tissue. It was a bit scary to do it to begin with, but I got used to the pain, it wasn’t too bad I’m also booked in for my first G5 massage at the Indooroopilly clinic on Thursday, which also helps to get the best results. Still very happy
  3. Sheba

    Getting Lipo soon!

    I think he does, I’ll double check though. Day 2 post op and I’ve taken off the combine dressings as all the oozing stopped in the first 24 hours. I was so happy to have a shower but it totally wiped me out. Some areas are painful to touch and others are numb. I’m still happy with how flat my stomach looks too!! It says laser lipo on his site, not sure if it’s the same though? Something about skin tightening
  4. Sheba

    Getting Lipo soon!

    So I had my lipo done yesterday. The clinic was nice and the staff very friendly. An RN went through the paperwork with me, then I took 2 diazepam and got changed into the surgical gown and stuff. in the surgery, I got painted with betadine, lay down on the bed and Dr Chen placed the IV cannula. I didn’t feel a thing! After he started giving me the sedatives I really don’t remember much, just noticing a bit of pain every now and then, I’m guessing it was injecting the local anaesthetic. Then I was waking up and the nurse helped me out on the compression garment. They called my husband an hour before I was due out so he could be there when I was finished. I left with a bag of dressings for when mine soak through. i slept so much when I got home. Then when the local wore off... omg!! The pain! It’s hard getting up and down and also going to the loo. Rught sway though, I can see my silhouette is much slimmer and my belly is much flatter 🙂 i have my follow up appointment on Monday
  5. Sheba

    Getting Lipo soon!

    So I’m getting lipo for the very first time on 16th May with Dr Chen at Ashbury. I haven’t seen too many topics for lipo around Brisbane over the last few years, so I thought I’d add my story in the hopes it will help someone else looking to take the journey. I’ll update as I progress. So to start, I had a consult with Dr Chen in March. He is lovely and friendly to talk to. He also wanted to give me a realistic expectation of what the lipo can achieve. He let me know that because I’d had a child I won’t get a flat stomach. I’m not too worried about that as I’ve never had a flat stomach no matter how slim I’ve been! I’ll backtrack a little to add that I’m getting upper and lower abdo, inner and outer thighs, hips and that little area under the bum cheeks 😁 So yeah, one week until it happens! I don’t think the wait between consult and surgery day is too long, I chose May as it worked better for me.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm looking into getting some lipo done and have read all threads and reviews I can find, and Dr Chen pops up a lot with good reviews. It's just that I haven't found any stories or reviews after 2015. Is Dr Chen still considered a great option for really good results with liposuction? I'm set on getting it done but don't want to wreck my skin/body. any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  7. That's a great price for lift and implant replacement! Wow, 460 looked small? I'm upgrading from 325/350 moderate profile Mentor to 425/450 full Motiva. what are your stats if you don't mind me asking? I do want mine to be a bit bigger, and the higher profile as well is a little daunting That's a great price for lift and implant replacement! Wow, 460 looked small? I'm upgrading from 325/350 moderate profile Mentor to 425/450 full Motiva. what are your stats if you don't mind me asking? ETA - just stalked your profile and saw that you're 68kg and 12.5cm, I'm very close! 67kg and 12.5cm, 168cm tall, what's your height? also, what style implant and placement did you end up with? I do want mine to be a bit bigger, and the higher profile as well is a little daunting
  8. Hi everyone! I posted a little while while back about getting my implants redone after breastfeeding. I've had my consult with Dr Richardson after all the great recommendations on here - thank you guys! He was so easy to talk to, straight forward and told me exactly what he's thinking of doing. We're going with a larger implant (from 350 to 450) with a higher profile (Mentor moderate to Motiva Full) to counteract the bit of sagging that I have (really not that much). Also he's going to be taking my pocket down a little so the implant centres under my nipple, and will also be extending the pocket toward my underarm a bit as my current implants are sitting very close. He says this will help prevent symmastia - which I'm a bit scared about! I'm also nervous about lowering the pocket, will they look too low? If anyone has had this, or seen results from this type of thing, could you please let me know how it went? Do you love them? Cant wait to hear from you all 😊
  9. So I had my consult today, and depending on which hospital I go with the price ranges from about $9400 to just under $10k. i basically just need larger implants with a higher profile, no lift necessary
  10. Ok, thank you! I'll end you a FR. I'm so nervous about it all!
  11. I've booked a consult with Dr Richardson for 22nd Feb! Pretty excited!
  12. Ah yep, I just had a look at your profile and thank you for helping
  13. Thank you! I didn't know he had instagram, will definitely check it out