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  1. Thanks for sharing! Im not all that fussed either way, I just wanted more info because Google is letting me down haha. Thats awesome about your scarring (or lack of). How long until you were up and about after your surgery?
  2. Were you happy with positioning etc with the underarm implants?
  3. Thanks for the info I'm really struggling to find anything online so hearing people's personal experience is awesome!
  4. Do you know what recovery was like for your friend? Im only tiny and want to look natural so I don't think I'd need any bigger than a 300, not that I've been to the stage of trying on yet. Did you go with the under boob incision? How did you find recovering or how long did it take for you to be up and about?
  5. Hi ladies, I have made the decisions to have a BA around April this year in Thailand. I have read and heard of some amazing experiences and outcomes. I just want to know about under arm or transaxillary incisions. For those of you who have gone for this option, what was your recovery like and why did you/ your surgeon choose this or advise against it? I am a very petite frame 155cm, 43kg 8-10A and hoping for the most natural look possible. I would love to hear any recommendations or suggestions based on your experience ?
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