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  1. Lounge Underwear UK brand????

    @Wanting boobs and @cm29 I just ordered these two sets so I’ll let you know how I get on 😝😝😝 Let me know if you have any luck with your own brand trials xxxx
  2. Lounge Underwear UK brand????

    @cm29 I’ll let you know if I end up ordering any tonight and how I get on with them. They looks incredibly cozy!
  3. Lounge Underwear UK brand????

    Continuing my hunt... has anyone tried Lounge Underwear brand for comfy day bras? They look comfortable but still very flattering. Thanks ❤️
  4. Mary Holland Lingere

    Thanks @TheFox they are stunning! I’m similar to @Wanting boobs I’m in a state where they unfortunately don’t have a store so no way of physically getting in to be fitted 😆 What bras have you bought from there specifically? I’m interested what actually works with augmented boobs. Some bras are such hot and miss these days it’s a totally different ball game....
  5. Mary Holland Lingere

    Hi ladies, Anyone had any experience with bras from Mary Holland Lingere? I’ve been eying off a few but want to make sure they are worth the price tag to order online. Ta!
  6. @donatella and @misstons please for a second don’t think I’m trying to discourage “large” implants or sway a certain bias. I am only simply describing my body type vs my implanted size as a comparison. Stating that I am happy for the choices described. We are all individuals who prefer totally different looks/lifestyles and opinions. The words “big” and “small” are SO subjective to each individual. You are the one who is going to live with the implants. Let’s not belittle anyone’s ideas, rather take in opinions and advice that suits. Always here to be supportive. All the best with your choice @Helloholly I’m sure you will fall in love with your highly anticipated assets! Let us know how you go 😘
  7. I went 350 on a size 6/8 frame and feel this is perfect. I LOVE the fact I can wear cute tops and look curvy and sexy without being overwhelmingly all boob. A reasonably big size but can choose to easily hide them in clothes at the same time. I have way more days where I think they are big and plenty, compared to boob greed days. Even if someone offered a free op to change them I’d only want to be half a size bigger if any.
  8. @excited_much Hi hun! Thanks for your reply and input sounds like we are in a similar situation.... I often think our poor implants must be hating on us for this! I’ve just noticed my righty needs to slightly fluff on the outer edge compared to lefty hurry up already! How are you going? Xx
  9. Hi ladies, I am heavily into fitness and had a BA 7 months ago. My PS commented my chest muscles were incredibly strong and tight during the op, so I’m guessing my drop and fluff process may be a little more drawn out. just wondering if any ladies frames are similar and if you noticed changes still at the 12 month mark? no concerns just curious 😘 thanks
  10. Ginormous belly post BA

    Totally normal 👌👌👌
  11. Hilarious things since I got boobs.....

    @Wanting boobs don't start on boob sweat it drives me crazy! It's like it suddenly occurs now boobs are here so odd hey! I tried to describe it to my hubby the other day and was like "well.... I guess it's like your testicle sweat they just hang haha!" 😂😂😂
  12. Recovery question what is it

    very glad to hear hopefully this is just the case, I think we are all guilty of this! And overthinking possible issues, I totally convinced myself I had early cc, infection ect the list goes on but all perfect in the end. Thanks for the update and REST UP 😜 X
  13. Recovery question what is it

    @Wanting boobs you poor thing yes call them and let me know how you go. Big hugs x
  14. Recovery question what is it

    Did you have dissolvable stitches? I know in the early weeks mine felt like they got hard and formed hard dirt ball like nodules under my scar line. Scared the hell out of me but called my PS and he reassured me it was the stitches dissolving. perhaps call your PS for 100% piece of mind. You may be pleasantly surprised it's harmless, thoughts with you x
  15. Dual plane placement

    I had dual plane and love the perfectly blended look this creates. No sharp lines up top with great lower pole. Then I can choose to make them look more enhanced on occasions I'm heading out with the right bra. Determine to yourself the look you are going for and outline this to your surgeon so there is less chance for disappointment. All the best!