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  1. Hey ladies! I'm nearly 5 weeks PO ( Friday ) my tape has come off my scars from showering. Anyone know how long we should wear it? May need to get more. I don't have pain anymore, sleep on my side and have lots of fluff and drop going on! Still heaps more to go but they're looking much more natural and soft now! Hope all is progressing well for everyone else x
  2. Fantastic news!!! I'm 7 days post op and hardly any pain at all now. Just a heavy feeling when I walk too much or do too much. 555cc is a lot of weight! But I'm loving it. PO visit Monday to check. Mine are fluffing out now ?
  3. Let us know how you go. Honestly: you just go to sleep and wake up with the new boobs! It's so nerve racking but afterwards you'll go, "that wasn't so bad" goodluck! You'll be fine x
  4. Glad it all went well and I guess it's good they found it and removed it - better to be safe than sorry! Keep us updated on your progress and take your pain meds! Enjoy the new girls x
  5. @Jabba_01 @AllyN hey girls, great to hear your updates. I'm having some sharp/jolt pain in my left but right is ok. It only happens when I stand up. I'm sleeping ok, upright as much as possible. I've run out of pain meds so just taking Panadol for now. Quick question, the compression bra. I've kept mine on the largest clips ( the way it was done up after op) am I suppose to maybe go down so it's tighter? Or are you to leave it how you were placed in it on op day? I feel if it's tighter it may hurt but may be better for keeping the shape? Ive been out a couple of times - mainly just lying
  6. Haha! I'm awake in shock too that's its over and done with and I went through with it! Had to wait 2.5 hours and started getting super anxious: was thinking, "I can't do this!" Got into theatre, started to relax and woke up with new boobies! What stats did you get? How good is Ellis team? Love them all!! I just took ANOTHER endone. I'm above muscle - glad we are all done! I was wondering if it was you when I was in recovery and Ellis was seeing someone in the room at 4pm! Xx
  7. Well said @AllyN! All the best for you as well and rest assured it'll be over in no time and we will be enjoying boobs forever in a short few hours! x
  8. Thanks so much! Feeling really nervous but excited all the same. Just checked into the hotel and being admitted at 1030am tomorrow! I'll keep updating progress. X
  9. Yes please! This would be a life saver! I'm in Newcastle when could we exchange?
  10. @AllyN are you getting nervous? 4 days to go! Im having funny emotions - trying to block it out haha! I'll probably see you there if you're around the same time!
  11. Definitely feeling the same! Only 8 days to go and very nervous now!! Just want it to come and go really!
  12. @AllyN oh my goodness! That's crazy! We will be there the same day. I'm staying at a hotel close by as I'm from Newcastle. I'm so excited to have connected with both of us with Ellis! He's the best, such a great man and surgeon. I've had a few friends use him now...
  13. @AllyN how exciting! What date in April? I see him the last time on the 10th and then have the op. I'm fairly nervous about the general as haven't had once since I was 12! I'm sure I'll be fine though. Can't wait for it to come, I've been waiting 4 months nearly!
  14. Hey BB1986 I'm booked 21 April with Dr Choy! 495cc but he may try for 550cc depending on sizer fits. 178cm tall, broad shoulders! So excited but nervous too.
  15. Hey!! ?? Great to hear from you and congrats for locking your surgery down! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I have a 8 and 7 year old. Two boys ?? I've wanted this for many years though. At this stage he's thinking 495's but may go to 550c. Depends on how the sizer fits. What about you!?
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