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  1. Anyone else starting their BA journey this year? After 3 kids (last was March this year), and a massive horrible breakup (due to cheating with a big boobed barmaid). I decided with the support of my mum and 2 closest friends (all have implants)... it’s my time to get my confidence back. My first consultation is this Saturday with Dr Southwick and I can’t wait!!
  2. Thanks @MrsGreatfull00! I'm looking forward to a child free break too. Im an A at the moment, but with some breast tissue. Probably easier if I attach a photo ? I'm looking for a full C possibly a D. I'm trawling for photos at the moment, I'm trying to get a full and natural look. Its probably more exciting than buying a car ?
  3. @Booklet - that is some extreme gardening! how did that happen? As for dogs, i like them too, but im not talking to mine at the moment. Dalmatian x Koolie - barrels over the kids on the stairs when he thinks there is a visitor at the back gate, knocking them down. 'Bad Dog' were my sons first words @Suzie 8f - sounds like life is good! I have 2 kids under 3.5 and i feel like i'm drowning some days, good luck with the 3rd - its exciting trying to conceive! Thats a good mix, drifting, make up and prams. I researched alot of prams before settling on a Donkey to combat the double whammy. As for me, I'm here because I'm researching before my BA next month. My boobs were always something i was critical of, and now that i am done with having anymore kids i 'reclaimed' my body, and dropped the weight id been carrying around for a few years. (highest was 82 while pregnant and scoffing McChickens) I'm down to 54kg and fit as a fiddle now - always had the ability to play sport and even though i'm turning 30 this year Im playing soccer and basketball. I work part time as a front line police officer - but don't let that fool you. I love gangsta rap, hip hop and country music and i still dance on coffee tables to crummy 80's pop when the mood strikes. I'm studying Psychology and had to shift my surgery date because of a statistics exam being scheduled on the day. Murphy's law huh. I love to cook without recipes, i love pulled pork and fine cheeses, i like a good whiskey or sometimes a beer, but i especially like to make people laugh (which i don't get to do at work much).
  4. I'm intrigued too. I nearly fell off my chair when i saw how much they were!
  5. The bras you have picked are gorgeous. I cant wait for this strappy-50 shades trend on lingerie and underwear passes soon. I have a fear of looking like a stringed chicken roast!
  6. I'm in for the same idea @MrsGreatfull00, to go from an A to C/D. I've gotten nervous over the last week, my consult is next week. I'm hoping that puts the nerves to rest and I can focus on the fun and excitement of the change. I am looking through instagram -total gold mine for boob inspo to try and focus of the goodies!
  7. Oh, tell me about it. It's too far away and every now and I then I think 'wow are you really about to drop that much money in yourself..' and then I think 'hell yeah-boobies, finally'. Ive had a general before, maybe 6 or 7. The goingunder is my favourite bit, the anesthatic feels a bit cold while its going in and you just get ridiculously sleepy and your blinks get longer. It's like a really satisfying deep sleep, that's hard to shake when you initially wake. You get your hearing first and then manage to open your eyes. I really really enjoy it! ? As for boob inspo-those photos are gorgeous! Bigger than what I'm looking at, but I really like the shape you're both aiming for! Hurry up May!
  8. Oh I have been talking to my husband about this for months if not years-done with having kids, I got my body back and dropped a heaps of weight and now am an A. Never was a well endowed girl though, so I want something bigger and better than I've ever had. He got his head around it, and now he is excited and talks as though it's really happening. (I prepared a financial document/argument as to why I should have them..it worked!) im 168cm and weigh 53kg, not a lot of breast tissue.. small ski jumps is how I'd label them. I want a D, and to not wear a ridiculously hugely padded push up bra.. it's so embarrassing to take it off ? How about everyone else?
  9. I'm in with Mr Greensmith on May 25. Yet to have the consult, due to work restraints and needing to apply for time off, had to do it well into future. .... and to convince my husband this isn't a 'phase' ? I found a booby buddy here, QueenA2017. Same surgeon, same date. ?
  10. Perhaps when they say the price is the same they are referring to the actual procedure price, not their added on fees for organising. Or maybe they have a certain agreement with some hospitals/surgeons, that the agency gets a lower price, and the agency fee brings it back up to what an individual would be paying the hospital/surgeon?
  11. Feels good getting a plan in place! Im the same, slow and steady wins the race. I'm booked in for June. good luck, I'm already trying to fingers ways I can push it forward ?
  12. I'm booked for a consult in April with Mr Greensmith. So im interested in the replies too. I found this page that had a mix of rhinoplasty and breast augment reviews for him. https://www.realself.com/find/Australia/Melbourne/Plastic-Surgeon/Andrew-Greensmith
  13. If you're in Victoria, there is YourBreast which I believe is $6990 plus $300 consultation. Just to add more confusion to your choice ??
  14. I haven't told my work place yet, but my intention is just to tell them I am having surgery, and They are likely to ask if I'm okay..I'll be saying I'm tending to my lady bits. I doubt they'll ask anymore information after that!
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