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    Dr Greensmith 29.08.17
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  1. @Vee94 I wasn't told when but I start on my Side to end up on my stomach for a bit until it gets uncomfortable... Why not the first 12months? Im 3month PO they are starting to drop but it' ttaking forever to fluff!
  2. @Vee94 they are slowly dropping. Hopefully another month and the muscles spams will all be gone. I'm so loving them. I'm about a 12D which is what I wanted ? I got an wire free bra from target. So comfy. My surgeon told me no wire bra for now, my husband is eager to buy me lace ones but he will have to deal with plain ones for now lol
  3. @Amanda0630 I'm 9 weeks PO with Dr Greensmith. And you will be in good hands with him. The price advertised is the base price. Depending on what you are after the prce mmy change. I paid more because I had round textured implants and and extra bra for $40. When you have a consultation he will go over everything with you, just ask for the prices for the extras if needed
  4. I would say so @HXC I was told by the 5 months mark they should and def by 8months
  5. Have you called your surgeon? @HXC iI think you can still feel a bit tender still? I had 9 weeks check today and my chest muscle is still swollen from the spams and I was told it should start to drop and fluff from the 5months mark. From then my nipples would point a bit up again. So now I have to wear the belt as much as a I can ?
  6. So hard not too look at the imperfections ?
  7. Actually notice mine being uneven, my right nipple is facing down. There were already asymetric which I thought fixed itself after my Ba but it's being buggy me all week end... Oh well still happy with my new assets
  8. Looks great @HXC Mine are going softer everyday. 6 weeks @Cindz81 but it took me a bit longer to be comfortable in it. Bonds are really nice too!
  9. I think it could take a while to get the sensation back @Vee94 and @Cindz81. My nipples are as sensitive and they need to soften more. Maybe that is why trying on bras wasnt as comfortable. My skin used to be very dry and my bra would have the dry skin on it @HXCexfoliante moisturise a lot @Mumof3boys they are looking amazing! Your husband must be loving them a haha. The target wirefree bras wasn't comfortable when I tried but I got a few bonds one and a Bendon one from Myer. Now I can wear dresses without seeing my post op bra lol
  10. @Cindz81I heard they have nice wirefree bra. But I'm going to wait a few more weeks until they are are fully soft. @Vee94 hubby isn't allowed near it at the moment. Bottom half is still numb and nipples are so sensitive he can just look at them LOL
  11. I went to target and tried their wirefree bra. I don't know if cup was a bit. Small but it sure wasn't confortable... The post op bras I have are great. But I can't wear a singlet with it... NNee to try crop ones
  12. I only had post op bras @Vee94 they are really comfy but I got this weird split under the nipples, it looks weird with a fitted top and can see the back of the bra under a singlet and the tag is out instead of in... Do you have that issue @Cindz81? I think from 6 weeks you can stop wearing the post op bra and no more tapes yeay
  13. I was. Thinking about how you guys are feeling. It has been crazy with school holidays but we are getting there. @Vee94 they look amazing!!! I can't wait for mine to fluff like yours. Im 6 weeks on tuesday but same as @Cindz81mine need to drop a bit more. They are still a bit hard too and my skin is peeling so much still... Have yyou looked at bras??
  14. @iDream_of_CeeCees it will be here before you know it!! I was really impatient but it came really quick and recovery as well! all the best!
  15. I agree. Have a second opinion. Any reason why he choose round over teardrop? You can have a natural look with round implant going under the muscles. Did you see Dr Greensmith yesterday? He is a very natural look surgeon.
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