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  1. Kailis is a cosmetic surgeon, not plastic. A lot of women have woken up with completely different breast implants to what was discussed and requested. I am one of them. I would never advise or suggest going to him.
  2. Dr Kailis is a cosmetic surgeon not plastic. I told him I wanted smooth implants and I woke up with textured. Also he was meant to remove capsules in the revision, he agreed to this in person but it was not done. No explanation on follow up and nothing done to resolve this. I wanted the capsules removed due to previously having had the (recalled) PIP implants which had ruptured (which was the reason for revision) and he did not do that which was very upsetting due to the unknown chemicals used in PIP implants. Find a plastic surgeon who can and will do what you need/want - not Kailis (he does what HE can be bothered doing)
  3. Hi Ladies, I have just joined as I am booked in for a platysmaplasty in about ten days. I am very scared. I am reading about people feeling like choking and a noose around neck feeling, breathing issues. Could you possibly tell me about your experience please? It would be so greatly appreciated. Recovery time, bruising, are there drains? swelling, pain etc. PLEASE HELP
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