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  1. Hi Girls, Thought I would post a photo from 8 days post op. I'm going well and loving them. Hope everyone else is recovering well. Loving the look of the results everyone has had so far.
  2. Hi girls, I'm now 2 days post op and going well. Dr Greensmith and all the staff at the Melbourne Institue of Plastic Surgery and Stonnington Day Surgery were absolutely fantastic. My surgery was 6.30am and I was discharged before 11am as all went really well. I didn't really experience much pain just a lot of pressure to cause discomfort. Day 1 post op I had my drains removed which was no way near as painful as I expected, I didn't even feel one side and the other only just slightly as the nurse said it was a bit twisted. The rest of the day we went out to lunch and a little walk around as we are visiting Melbourne for the week. And today day 2 post op I'm finding I only need panadol as my pain relief and still just feeling tight in the chest but loving that the nurse gave me the all clear to brush my hair to help recovery ( she said to try and use both arms equally so they recover similar rather then just the dominant arm recovering quicker) and I'm able to shower tomorrow woohoo!! I ended up getting 325cc round high profile implants and I had a sneak peak yesterday and I'm so happy with them so far. I thought they may look a bit weird at first but they are really good.
  3. Thanks for the update @Jabba_01its good to hear you are doing well. I will be following your updates as a bit of a guide of what to expect, I am seeing Dr Greensmith in less than 3 days now and travelling to Melbourne very early tomorrow morning, getting nervous/excited.
  4. Good luck today @thecuriousone. Hope it all goes well. The day has finally come after the disappointment of being postponed last time.
  5. Congratulations ladies. Hope the pain dies down quickly for you both so you can start enjoying your new girls.
  6. @Jefabel hope you are recovering well after yesterday's op. Congratulations. @whiskeyinateacup tomorrow's the big day. Thoughts will be with you, hope it all goes perfect and you get a great start to your recovery.
  7. I am booked in for the same date in Melbourne. I have a 1 and 4 year old and certainly have the same concerns about handling them post op. My husband has time off to take up the mother role while I recover a bit but after he goes back I am worried I still won't be able to pick the 1 year old up to put him in the car etc.
  8. @AshC how has everything gone in Thailand? You must be enjoying the scenery and getaway as well.
  9. Oh no @BB1986 I hope it wasn't a bad bump to your head. Glad you're okay now. Congratulations! I have read a lot of posts from girls saying they feel it more in the left side. I believe it's quite normal. Good luck with the recovery.
  10. Looking great @Jabba_01. Good to hear pain is minimal for you and that Dr Greensmith and his team did well. Is that the post op bra they supply?
  11. It sounds like a great idea to have a mental preparation day @BB1986. Good luck tomorrow, remember you are in great hands with plenty of experience.
  12. @Jabba_01 @BB1986 @AshC Getting really close girls, are you nervous/excited? They are all coming along so quickly now. Good luck @Jabba_01 tomorrow, hope you have a great surgery and quick recovery.
  13. Good to hear it went well and not too painful @Ttdo90. Congratulations!
  14. Consult last November and booked in for end of this month for surgery. Only waited this long to tie in with my husbands leave and the end of the warmer weather.
  15. Yes getting very close now, some nervous excitement! I had my surgery booked in since November when I had my consult. I booked in well in advance to line up with my husbands annual leave. Plus I wanted to wait until after beach season. It is hard to have to wait that long but I will have new boobs soon! Certainly flutters of nerves now and then as it approaches. No dreams or nightmares though.
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