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  1. bahahahahah a hamburger! that is a great analogy!!! I couldnt explain it to a friend and just had to show her. Yeah mine arent really jiggly. They are still really firm underneath. I actually have trouble still creating cleavage unless I really pull them together in a bra. Im wishing I went bigger and got the fat grafting as well. But yes Im very aware of them still. I notice them when doing certain things like they are right in the way. They are soft up top but not really soft all over and jiggly yet. i massage and moisturise every day too.
  2. Thank you for your reply! Ive been really self conscious about it and worried. I thought I had gone back to working out too soon. Also out of curiousity how long did it take before your breasts were soft (like normal boobies) and felt like your own? Once they have dropped i know thats it. But as they soften do they 'hang' more?
  3. Hi girls, So I had my breast augmentation on June 2nd. I went dual plan tear drop 440cc one side and 490cc the other. They lowered the crease on 1 breast also to even them out. I had clearance to go back to proper working out at 6 weeks and have slowly gotten back to my full workout regime. I have noticed the last 3 weeks or so that as Im utilising my pec muscles that my breasts are an odd shape when I tense. and they also tense really easily now. So when I tense its mainly my left breast (the one that had the crease lowered) its an odd shape and its like it grabs the implant and the breast tissue over top stays where it is. i was also worried about double bubble as ive noticed my left breast isnt as rounded through the lower pole as i would like and as it once was. I spoke to my dr about that and they said def not double bubble just the crease still working its way out of its memory. I would love to hear from others that work out or do pole dancing (thats my main form of joy haha) and how their boobies go with it.
  4. My boobies have been feeling weird lately. Ive been pushing myself working out with Pole again and I think its muscle soreness...I hope it is. Ive realised when I lean forward and if i tense my boobs look sooooo weird. I have the breast tissue sits over the top and it tenses the implant. Is anyone else the same? And im still tender near my sternum? and OMFG my nipples are so sensitive still. Im wondering if Im getting more feeling back in the whole area which is why its tender again. bahahaha im a bit obsessed with holding my boobs. like i forget how big they are and want to feel them. Haha Rubix. yes Im loving looking at lingerie. I want to get a nice honey birdette set soon once we have plenty of $$ to splash on it.
  5. hows everyone healing?? How are we all loving clothes? Has everyone lost their surgery weight? Im still trying to move what i put on while away from pole. soooo worth it though for boobies.
  6. I went through Dr Moradi and I had a good friend go through Dr Phoon. Each fit our personal preference and choice. Dr Moradi and the team are utterly fabulous. So easy to deal with and friendly. Dr Mordai is really genuine too and always available if you need assistance or to ask questions. And he wont do anything he doesnt think you need. I was looking at fat grafting and also was looking at dermal fillers under my eyes and he talked me out of both (because he didnt think the dermal fillers would give the result i wanted and it would waste my money....and fat grafting he said to wait and see if i needed it). He was always honest and upfront. Was great when I changed the size and insisted on a follow up appnt before surgery to recap my decision and get some comfort on my last minute questions. Def meet him and see what you think
  7. holy cow Kismet an F. No they dont look it. They look amazing and I love your bra!!! Ill have to post my new fav bra. I found some nice push up bras from cotton on that look amazing on!!
  8. Bras have definitely made me feel like they are more the size i wanted. I brought another 2 nice push up bras from Cotton On Body on the weekend and va-va-voom i have cleavage and they look HUGE. Im feeling very happy with them now. I didnt know I would have issues with cleavage so I think thats why Im a little dissapointed Keep us posted on your progress with laser @Kismet and @Fitchick14 im in love with my crops now. All the ones i wore for pole still fit but really emphasise my boobies!! i love it. ha ha
  9. I was going to ask if you have had laser yet? Let me know how it goes?
  10. I was thinking about going bigger too. Your right though its way too soon. Haha. im thinking if in 6 months once they have softened and I want more cleavage about going back for the fat grafting. I cant wait till summer and soft boobies in nice bras and tops. I think I kept looking at all the cleavage snapchats and after pics and they all have epic cleavage. I think i set my expectations way too high. ha ha. i need to think about the before photos. they were sad and now they are awesome. I need to get a grip. haha
  11. How is everyone loving their boobies and recovering? Im suffering serious boob greed still. Im actually really wishing I went bigger. I know they are DD. but i feel like you cant tell I had them done. The one thing I really wanted was cleavage and they werent able to create it for me because of my body shape. Apparently I am mild pigeon chested so he couldnt put the implants as close together as he or i wanted. I have awesome side boob but im sad about cleavage. So apparently I can get fat grafting done to help with that. But they have told me to wait at least 6 months to let me boobs settle properly. Did anyone else have fat grafting or having this issue. Am i being totally silly?????
  12. YAY gym! exciting! Yeah Im not attempting overhead yet. that scares the ***** out of me. haha. Yeah i went for a proper run the other night and was huffing and puffing and couldnt breath. so embarrassing. Eeeep love how minimal the scares are. gotta love our fabulous amazing drs.
  13. ive been absolutely hanging! first thing I did once i got clearance. I had hubby help me just in case i fell flat on my face. bahahahahah
  14. score that you get laser included @Kismet yeah im hoping when i loose weight that my boobs will look bigger. first day back in a bra today and ive been given clearance to go back to pole as well!!! YAY!!! this is last night ignore the mess in my garage and my rolls. ha ha but this is the 1st time in 6 weeks back on the pole and im surprised i could get my ass upside down !!!
  15. really? how come you need to have laser? out of curiosity did anyone get fat grafting done too?
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