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  1. Hi, just wondering if you're happy with your results? Thinking of using dr broadhurst and I'm looking at same size as you. Do you have any photos?
  2. Ladies I need help! I'm still looking for a plastic surgeon to do my breast augmentation. I have seen dr ces (cosmetic surgeon) but he is based on Gold Coast and I'm not 100% sure on him, I've had no one to compare him with. Reading through the forums I've seen a lot of good reviews on Dr Harwood in Brisbane. But it looks like he has now retired and the rejuvenation clinic is now closed. Can anyone recommend someone for me to see that they were immensely happy with. I'd love someone I'm brisbane if possible. I'm 30, have breast fed 2 babies. I'm 174cm tall, weigh around 57kgs and have a slim/ boney build. Before kids I was a full B cup, after kids I have 10 AA on left and 10A on the right. I want a very natural look. Dr Ces indicated 270cc under the muscle dual plane for me (240 on my bigger side and 270 on smaller side). Tear drop Brazilian implants. Would love to hear from anyone who is or was in a similar situation physically. Or if anyone can recommend or talk about their experiences with their surgeons. I truely appreciate your time and knowledge ? Thanks guys ?
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