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    Dr Miroshnik 28th of March 2017
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    161cm 58kg

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  1. Hey @Sylve at this stage I've only had my phone consultation with him because I'm traveling from perth. I'm getting a lollypop breast lift with implants at East Sydney Private Hospital, what about you? I'm not sure how big i can go yet, i have my face to face appointment on monday. I know I'll be limited to size......but ill be more than happy with a perky D. I will post more on Monday not long now
  2. @Sylve I feel for you hun, I too would have cried my eyes out. Lucky he fit you in so early and didn't make you wait long. Who is your ps? I'm going in for a BL/BA next Tuesday with Dr Miroshnik. Haven't really thought about it much but now that its around the corner I'm starting to get nervous! Good luck for Tuesday
  3. Hi ladies, I'm 35 yrs old 161cm tall and 58kg with 2 kids. I had my initial phone consultation 3 weeks ago with Dr Miroshnik and I'm booked in to get a BL/BA on the 28th of march! I'm so excited but sh#@ing bricks at the same time Originally I was just wanted a BA to fill my boobs but unfortunately to get the best results Dr M insisted I would need a BL which suited me just fine. I have just booked my flights and accommodation ( I'm travelling from perth ) cant wait!
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