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  1. Hi @MJess I have similar stats 162cm 54kg 450 and 415 cc under muscle I was a deflated A cup after b feeding two kiddies I feel the same, big naked not big in clothes I'm wearing the bra constantly just take it off to shower and wash it, I have some zip ones from Kmart but for the first few weeks I really want to just stick to the compression bra, loving the changes pic is day 1po and day7 po I'm so in love I finally have boobies yayyy??
  2. Hey ladies sorry for the late reply, day 5 post op today, day two was awful!!! The endone and panedeine forte did not agree with my body at all!! I swelled up sooo so bad loooked 6 months pregnant and was so painful TMI I stopped taking them and switched to Panadol and nurofen so pain was a little more intense but started feeling so much better! I've been out walking a lot and had to drive (naughty I know) just down the road to pick up my daughter, hurt a lot' opening the heavy doors etc, had an incident in the shower my waterproof dressing got water in it ?? took my last antibiotic today and really looking forward to getting back to reality, hate being housebound and it's been pouring!! Not much change in pics but it's nice to look at them once a day when I shower ?? start massaging and get dressings changed on Friday! Going away on Sunday for my 2nd wedding anniversary! Hubby is in love with them too ?Can't wait to see how the D + F good luck to everyone ?? @MJess yes I get that feeling too so weird! I'm just assumed it was all normal,
  3. Thank you, I got high profile, as I had basically no upper pole at all, I was the same, and the way my surgeon described what I wanted was, between natural and fake ?
  4. Hey it went really well I ended up with same measurements ^^ dual plane, I'm taking pain meds and sleeping elevated, finally got to see them quickly when I had a shower, I love them already even though I know they have lots of changing to do ?
  5. Thanks I've seen it it's good! Yep day surgery today ?? sooo hungry lol
  6. Omg! This time next week I'll have new boobies ?? starting to really sink in now, what's everyone doing to prepare before surgery? I'm getting my acrylics off, laser apt and booking a massage for the day before, will also cook up a few meals and have started compiling a watch list for Netflix! good luck everyone!! ?
  7. Hi ladies, I'm booked in with Dr Lee at TCI Bondi on the 10th March! 11 days to goo eeeep ? Im going 405 and 415cc high profile dual plane
  8. Hey ladies, thought I would update for anyone interested, had my second consult today went well, asked all the questions I needed to found out my surgery time, tried on the sizers again and took some pics this time, going to stay with the size we agreed upon, but my surgeon said if I change my mind to just let him know on the day, only have to take of one or two acrylics, but think I might just take them all off and give myself a break, no driving for a week, stitches are disovable and can go swimming once the wounds have closed nicely ?16 days to go!!! Here's some pics, do you think this size suits me? I don't want to look too top heavy xx I also asked about training chest and he said he sees no reason why I won't be able to so that's good ?
  9. Hi I haven't had surgery yet but I've organised 10 days off, I have an office job that doesn't require any heavy lifting, I used to work on registers at a supermarket, I can imagine some of the items might be too heavy, maybe you could request to work in other areas for a week or two after you get back? Self serve or facefront shelving etc? I guess it depends on implant placement too I'm going under the muscle and I hear the recovery is longer than overs, good luck with everything ?
  10. Ahh thank you ladies so much for replying I really appreciate it, ? I'm so glad I'm going back for a second consult so I can really put my mind at ease, and ask all these questions I'll post an update After I go and let you know what cc we decide on I was so nervous and excited at my first consult I didn't really take it all in ? I'm also going under the muscle dual plane, is it true I'll never be able to work out chest again?? Cannot wait for new boobies and to go bra shopping!! Here are some pics of me now and goal boobies I like xx?
  11. Thanks for replying hopefully we get some answers? That pic is my dream boobs lol ^^ and I'm basically an A cup now but haven't been properly fitted still wearing my empty B cups ?
  12. Hi ladies, first time posting here having my BA in 26 days I booked in November last year and it just snuck up on me! I'm booked in with Dr Lee at TCI Bondi 10th March 2017 My initial consult went well and we agreed on 415cc and 405cc hp, with an estimate size DD I didn't take any pictures when I tried them on I have lost 8kg since November so I've decided to go in for a second consult on 21st Feb as I'm freaking out about the size, how do you know if your picking the right one for your body type? My concerns are that they will be too big/ too small I'll have back pain/ won't be able to run ( i love running ) / will looks silly I'm 27 have BF two babies and I'm 162cm and weigh 55kgs. Any advice on how to pick the right size? trying to find images of someone with similiar stats with before and after pics is near impossible! , two of my mummy friends who have had BA'S have concerns that I'm going to big, as thats what they have but they are both larger than I am. Help please/ nervous excited x
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