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  1. I have lateral displacement on my left side unfortunately. It still looks so much better than where I started so javent been in a rush to fix it
  2. Hi everyone Bojjed in for 28 March 2019. I'm a revision BA traveling to Melbourne for surgery. Same surgeon as last time Xx
  3. Cant help with Natalie, but given that they are under the same yourbreast company they are all great surgeons. I had my surgery with Dr Greensmith on the 22nd June and I couldnt be happier with my results! feel free to add me on instagram to see updated photos of my results
  4. Im just under three weeks post op with Dr Greensmith and he is really great! All his team are lovely too! I have loved them from day 1, and with the changes that have occurred I love them more each day. my incisions are tiny because he uses a Keller funnel, my right just under an inch and my left just over an inch. feel free to add me on instagram as i update my photos there more regularly! sarahwantsboobies2017 is my username. I had my heart set on 400cc, but when i had my sizing appointment 375cc was way too big. I ended up with 350cc UHP rounds and I just love them. I had done a lot of research so knew a lot of what he told be already, but i also had a page of questions and by the end of the consult he had answered those too. Cant help on the nipple piercing front- usually you do have to remove piercings for surgery, but just ask at your consult. hope i caught you before your appointment!
  5. I have faded stretch-marks from puberty and they are no more noticeable than before. they haven't got worse, and I really don't mind them. I also have been religiously moisturising and at almost 3 weeks post op have not got any new ones (touch wood!)
  6. @Fitchick14 OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! YAY!!! so happy for you!!! xx p.s. anyone had squeaky boobs? mine every so often squeak and i think its just air bubbles? but is kinda funny!
  7. its funny how the feeling in my boobs has changed a lot. right after they were done it felt like id killed myself in the gym. now it feels like im on my period and they are really full feeling. they don't feel like they aren't part of me. I have very little numbness, just a stripe about an inch thick from below my nipple downwards. Nic loves them! He wasn't sure about them when I first got home, and they are firmer than he thought, but he really likes them now that he is getting more used to them!
  8. how is everyone going? im falling more and more in love every day! the swelling goes up and down with no apparent cause. cant wait to be able to do more stuff! taking it easy at home, back to work on tuesday afternoon!
  9. hi @Niltiac instagram deleted my account! if you want to keep in contact maybe message on here or my personal insta account sarah.sonal
  10. hi harriet I have had mine done but not through cosmeditour. I'm 9 days post op today! I had my surgery through YourBreast Melbourne with Dr Greensmith. My aunt had hers done at a similar age to me. I though my mum would be against it but she listened to all my reasons for wanting it done and in the end she is supportive of me. she knew it wasn't something i was jumping into, id done my research. I think she would have prefered if id waited until after kids but i wanted it now.
  11. Hi Ladies Sorry I've been MIA! It has been a crazy few days. Woke up at 3.30am Wednesday to fly to Melbourne, checked into the hotel and went for a walk before my sizing appointment with Dr Greensmith. Mum and i both had an early night but mum forgot to turn off her alarm so Thursday (day of surgery) I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep. Check in time at Stonington was 6.45 and I was in the OT by just after 7. Was looked after by a lovely recovery nurse until I was comfortable and fully awake. Went home to the hotel and just chilled out, was really comfy and didn't feel nauseous until about 30minutes before my meds were due. Friday was POD1 and I had my drains taken out. Felt so free once they were out, but negative is that they have been swelling so much since the drains came out. Dr Greensmith said it should peak 2-3 days post op so its going to get worse before it gets better. Mum has been cooking a lot (we for Woolie's delivered). Today we slept in then went to my red light therapy appointment at 10.30. Was feeling a bit ***** today becsuse of the swelling. Had lunch out then had to go home. Slept for 4 hours in the avo then had Thai delivery. Now just waiting up until midnight so I can take my meds and go to sleep. Haven't had any both room issues, made sure I bought some prunes and that has made sure there have been no issues there. The photo below I got after the drains and before the swelling got too bad. My nipples are actually even, its just the photo. Hope everyone else is doing OK xx
  12. Omg you look amazing!!! Girls I've just worn up at 4.30am, nervous. Only tonight left at home tten off to Melbourne Wednesday morning. Its getting so real now!
  13. i think from memory he is a cosmetic surgeon. Definitely go with a plastic reconstructive surgeon xx
  14. Hi everyone! What has everyone tried for scars? Silicone sheets, silicone creams, home remedies, red light therapy, whatever it is, list it below! Under a week until I get boobies!!!
  15. I love making stuff like that! I'm going to have to play! Good luck today!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it
  16. I'm the same! No button up tops. Tempted to get one just for post op first few days... Oooo can you share your boobie butter recipe???
  17. do you have a BA account? I may have accidentally deleted your request if it isnt xx
  18. my stats: 161cm 68kg (hoping to be 65kg by surgery) currently wear a 30D/DD bra (look like a B cup) I have taken off 2 weeks, mostly because I don't get back from Melbourne until 7 days post op. I also work in a surgical unit so didn't want to have too many shifts where I had to avoid helping move patients. I only work 1-2 days a week so this way I might have 3-4 shifts where I can't help move patients. I'm sure you will be fine in the office at 5 days p/o. Just be gentle with yourself, and make sure you get up and walk around every half hour-hour to avoid blood clots. I'll be going back to uni in the office before I go back to work.
  19. So glad to hear everything went well! I have my Skype consult on Monday! So exciting!!! I hope I can have 300-400cc
  20. Hopefully they give you some antibiotics if it is then you'll be better in time!
  21. My mum is coming with me. My partner wasn't sure he could take the time away from work. The breast academy looks great, be aware that the two plastic surgeons that run it supervise less experienced plastic surgeons. I ended up going with yourbreast as I got my initial response back by email within a few hours whereas with breast academy and cosmeditour gold coast it was several days and I had to chase them up. I didn't like that I had to put up a $1000 deposit either and full amount a month before. With Dr Greensmith I just pay the consult fee before my Skype consult and the full amount 2 weeks before. You might have a better experience with Breast academy and cosmeditour than me though! DM me on insta if your account is not a BA account xx
  22. @QueenA2017 good luck!!! will be thinking of you!
  23. Hi sweets! Yay another kiwi girl! I'm having surgery in Australia too. My advice: make sure your surgeon is a plastic reconstructive surgeon and not a cosmetic surgeon. I am having my BA in less than one month in Melbourne through yourbreast. My surgeon is Dr greensmith. I looked at many different companies including cosmeditour, the breast academy, The Cosmetic Institute (as soon as I saw none of their doctors were plastic surgeons I quickly closed that tab!), and I also considered Thailand with several companies. You're welcome to follow my journey on here or for more frequent updates on my Instagram account of the same name. I haven't heard of the breast institute myself, I'm sure others can help with that, just make sure your surgeon is a plastic reconstructive surgeon. In Australia a gp or dermatologist can do a weekend course without practical training and call themselves a cosmetic surgeon. A plastic surgeon specialized for years and years and has to pass 2 huge exams. Xx let me know how it goes!
  24. @Rubix I'm 2 days after you on the 22nd! @Nelly22 I'm the same! If you want to follow me on insta my boob account is Sarahwantsboobies2017
  25. So close! In fact... Just over 4 weeks!!! I went thorough my bras too, I've just kept a couple out to rotate until boobday, luckily I have a couple of friends who wear a similar size. They are very lucky girls, its quite the collection!!!
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