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  1. Thank you all for your replies, I am glad to hear I'm not alone on this. So far, I have made the decision to wait and not to put financial stress on myself to undo this but I will not be getting them replaced. As for the fat transfer procedure, it's a very dubious technique that often will not give the desired result. As you're transferring fat you need to consider several factors. Firstly, it is a tissue that will die/ metabolise as it's a natural component of the body. Unlike silicon or saline implants which are produced in a way that they body cannot (or should not be able to if they're not faulty) break them down. There is no guarantee that it will behave in the same way it already exists say on your thigh. Secondly, I've seen cases where they breast swells with the initial transfer and then results in a deflated look as the texture (due to lack connective tissues that would otherwise support how your fat sits in your body) is kind of 'mushy'. Aside from this, I've heard its as painful as liposuction because that's a similar procedure.
  2. Hey, I am 20 and had a BA done recently. I'm still healing and it's not the results that I hate, it's the whole thing I hate. The feel of them under my skin the way it pulls when I move my arms. The idea of having something so unnatural in my body was fine until I started recovering. Now I just feel sick every time I look at them. It's not the surgeons fault. I actually think he did a really good job. But this was a terrible mistake in my judgement and I wish I had never gone through with the surgery. I didn't dislike my body enough to have needed to do this. What should I do now to try and fix it?
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