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  1. I had my boob job done a year and half ago and in the last few days my left breast has changed dramatically. The shape feels and looks different. It’s not painfully but is slight uncomfortable maybe just because I’m aware of it. I’ll attach photos if any one could give me advise if they thinks it’s rotation or cc. I have sent these to my dr aswell but am still waiting to hear back.
  2. I normally don’t break out or get pimples other then the odd hormonal blind pimple but after my BA i had major congestion across my forehead and quiet a few break outs. I also strangly had break outs across my back pretty bad. I mostly put it down to the amount of medications we take through the process and our bodies trying to get rid of it. I found getting needling on my face round the three month mark cleared my congestion up with in a few days. I am now six months post op and skin has returned to normal
  3. I second dr tavakoli. I had mine done three months ago and they are amazing. You can't fault him as a surgeon.
  4. I loved the size of 345cc in my fitting and needed to go 390cc to achieve that size in real life due to losing size going under muscle. So I would recommend going the larger size. But I agree with @Wanting boobs that you won't notice a huge difference in 50 cc any way good luck @Gabbi82
  5. I'm 52 kilos and 157 cm talk and got 390 under the muscle and I wish I had gone bigger! I def don't think they will look to big on you.
  6. Has any one had any experience with getting fat grafting to improve rippling ? Im only seven weeks post op but can feel a fair amount of rippling in my cleavage already. Mostly on my left side. You can't see it but can feel it. Any one else had this! Any chance it will improve by itself over time as I fluff? If it doesn't improve ( or gets worse ) in a year or so I might be tempted to get the fat grafting and would love to hear from some one who has done it.
  7. The closer it got for my surgery the more nervous I got too. Anaesthetic was also my biggest fear. Made me question if I really even was doing the right thing cos I was so scared. I was terrified something would happen while I was under or that I wouldn't go to sleep properly. I spoke to the surgeon about it and they put monitors on my head to watch my brain activity to put me at ease. But really the surgery was the easiest part of getting my boobs done. Now that I look back I wish I had stressed less and enjoyed the process. Don't let fear control you. These surgerys are so safe! So many girls get them every day. I no what your feeling cos I was there. Remind yourself that it's anxiety and the reason you want them in the first place. Focus on the part your excited for like once they have healed and look amazing rather then the part your most scared of. Good luck lovely x
  8. Middle pic day of surgery Last pic is week two first pic is week five
  9. Yeh I feel ya. I live in Townsville and it isn't easy having to travel back and forth. Lucky there are a lot more options where you are then me lol good luck babe I'm sure they will be amazing x
  10. I looked into him when I was looking for my surgeon aswell and couldn't find anything bad. He has a amazing reputation! I narrowed it down to him or the dr I went with and it came down to the fact i could get in sooner with dr tav. I have him on social media and he seems like a super friendly guy aswell x @iDream_of_CeeCees
  11. I had my three week follow up on Tuesday and my dr told me I can now wear just wear my post op surgery bra to bed ( for three months) but to go buy something comfy and supportive for during the day and that it could be under wire if I find it comfy doesn't matter. Only restrictions where no pushup and no padding. For now. Hope that helps @Mumof3boys
  12. I havnt had any other implants but i recently got mentor implants and love them. @MrsGTO
  13. They look fabulous! Did you get high profile in the end ? They are already sitting sooooo well! Do you love them? Mine are the same they look huge naked but when I have a bra and shirt on I can conceal them completely. @Mumof3boys
  14. @Wanting boobs I had a very basic straight forward BA and all up including his fee hospital fees it was $14000. I think the interstate package deal thing is they just don't charge you for the consult (which comes off his fee when you book anyway) so don't think there is a difference really from what I could tell. You can fly home five days after surgery I'm pretty sure but I had family in Sydney so I stuck around till about the ten day mark and could pop in and see him for check ups whilst there which was helpful.
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