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  1. how are you going in your recovery?
  2. Is anyone else having really sexual dreams Post BA? I don't normally have sexual dreams but since having my BA 5 days ago I've had one everyone night. I stopped my pain meds after day 1, so I don't think it's this?
  3. Thank you. I got anatomical dual plane medium height moderate plus. To be completely honest the first two days were super hard. I couldn't do much (I'm normally a really independent person). The tightness was the most unbearable it was about a 8/10. The pain was about 2/10 but I was uncomfortable all the time and I wasn't sleeping very well. I started to feel a bit depressed. I kept up with all my stretches but they didn't really help. By day 3 I started to get muscle spasms and shooting nerve pain ( all normal). The nurse called me and told me I need to stay somewhat active and just get out of the house. So I went out for a few hours just to the shops and it did a world of good. I stopped taking the heavy pain killers after day 1 as I hated the way it made me feel. So I've only really taken panadol, valium (biggest help with the spasms) and panadeine forte ( when I need a little something more than panadol). today id say the tightness is about a 5/10. So it's getting better and easier. I'm able to stretch out a bit more too. Just remember it doesn't last forever and ask for help when you need it
  4. I'm 163cm and 53kg. My biggest size I could go was 390cc. I had my surgery yesterday and ended up with 375cc which should give me a full D or DD. when is your surgery? im taking 10 days off in total and I also work in office.
  5. Thanks Hun. How is your recovery going??? Happy? oh ok. That's a good tip, might start touching them ? Dr M was amazing. He is just so lovely to deal with. I'm seriously so happy I picked him. He ended up giving the nickname storm from x-men because I have silver/white hair ??? how was your experience?
  6. Hi Ladies, i had my surgery today with Dr Miroshnik. Ended up 375cc. I'm quite swollen and bloated at the moment. But other than that I'm doing well. I will keep you updated. How is everyone else going post op? Who is up next for May?
  7. Woohoo!!! Glad to hear you had a great surgery day minus the fasting business. I'm so happy to hear you are recovering well too!!! Please keep us updated on how you go. You are spot on about Dr M. He is a very lovely man. In my pre-op we were talking designer clothes and bags! He definitely had me at hello lol I had my pre-op on Monday and surgery is 15 days! Can't wait.
  8. El Topo has amazing coconut margaritas and jalapeƱo poppers. Speedo cafe is also pretty darn good.
  9. I hope so!! I've been very impatient ?? you are soooo close!!! Can't wait to see and hear all your journey post-op. im not nervous, haven't had any dreams and haven't had cold feet yet. I think the only think that's playing on my mind is that I could have put that money towards a house deposit or travelling but then I remembered it's going to take me forever to save for a deposit on my own since I'm single and I love to travel lol so yolo. Ive heard a lot of other girls have mini freak outs closer to their surgery date so you are completely normal. I always say that whilst you are on this earth you should enjoy yourself and do what makes you happy!
  10. Completely agree with your description and definitely great taste im booked in with Dr Miroshnik on 26 May. 35 days to go!!!! ??
  11. These are my wish boobies too!!!! I have an Instagram account set up. Feel free to add me drmba.may2017
  12. I'm booked in with Dr M on 26 May 2017. current stats: 163cm, 54kg, 10A. Hoping for a D. in our consult we discussed 330 & 375 cc. I'm undecided and hopefully I can make up my mind in our pre-op consult. Can't wait!!!!
  13. I hope so! I've been following him for about 4/5 years now and I have always loved his work.
  14. Thanks Ladies. I guess I was just a little concerned about the cost blowing out and having to save more money. I have my consult booked in with Dr M on the 16th of March. So fingers crossed!
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