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  1. @cindz @HXC I was told I couldn’t lay flat on my stomach for 12 months which I was really surprised at so I was curious what you guys were told
  2. How long were you ladies told that you couldn’t lay on your stomach for?
  3. Sorry ladies I’ve been MIA how is everyone? @HXChow’s the sensitivity and right boob going? @tsalhow’s the boob shape going? I still think to this day that one is bigger than the other but I think cause that’s how they were before. But it is hard not to notice all the details cause it’s on yourself
  4. @Mumof3boys you are looking phenomenal!!! Can't imagine going through what you did getting both done but seriously looks so good @HXCyou're cleavage is amazing! I had a look at your pics and I'm so jealous, wish I had cleavage like yours.
  5. @Cindz81I hope they will get squishy I've felt my friends ones who have them done and they are super squishy but she has had hers for a year and a bit so maybe it takes that long. @HXC mine are but numb still at the bottom so I'm glad it's normal! How are you recovering? What size are you now? I had super dry/peeling and sensitive nipples and I found that massaging sorbalene cream on them helped but it was uncomfortable but got better within a few days. I couldn't imagine myself without them now lol
  6. @Cindz81the top has really softened but they could still get softer. How are yours going?
  7. @tsal@Cindz81well I'm glad it's not just me! I have no idea how long it lasts but I hope I can start feeling soon My boyfriend touches them and say they feel like water balloons haha
  8. If you're in Sydney I highly recommend Dr Tavakoli. I flew interstate to have mine done with him 8 weeks ago. He's expensive but worth every single cent! I knew I would never wonder "what if someone else could have done a better job" going to him cause he is the best! follow him on snapchat if you don't already
  9. I'm 8 weeks this week and feel pretty much 100%. No pain, can do pretty much everything but I'd just be careful if you plan on doing extreme activities like sky diving because I was told I have to wait 4 months before I could do any of that. Just make sure you have a really good bra on when you're doing your activities
  10. I asked the same thing for my surgery and they said it was fine?
  11. Ladies a bit of a personal one, but when I was doing the deed with my partner I couldn't really feel anything when he was "playing" with my nipples (I can feel myself going red typing this haha) has anyone else experienced this?
  12. @tsal thank you, really happy with them so far! Did you wear the band for long? I found that really helped mine to drop not yet I'm still not allowed to wear padded or push up bras so I've just been wearing the post op one. I've forgotten what it's like to not wear a bra to bed
  13. @Cindz81 Me too! I pretty much feel back to normal.
  14. @Mumof3boys ouch that looks painful? Thankfully you went somewhere in the same state with all the visits you've had! @tsal my skin has been very dry under and around the under boob area and it felt gross so I used frank body scrub which felt so much better afterwards. Does anyone else have really veiny boobs after having surgery?
  15. @tsal I'm feeling much better today my boob doesn't feel as sore so I might leave it one more day i think the more you move around the better you feel! Oh good I've been sleeping on my back/side and find having a pillow under my knees helps a little bit I still don't wear fitted clothes because I feel the same! People might just wonder "has she always had boobs" lol
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