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  1. Has anyone had Dr Connell perform an abdominoplasty with full plication (diastasis rectified) and/or hernia repair? I know he traditionally only performs breast surgery but I'm thinking of having my breastfed boobies done at the same time, which Ive heard is an exception to his rule if you're having breast surgery too?! I've been told my situation is not an easy one given the extent of my diastasis, an existing mesh inserted from previous hernia repair, another hernia present, and not a lot of spare skin to hide behind, possibly not enough to do a traditional TT. Therefore my dilemma is I want the best surgeon for both my surgeries, but would prefer the one surgeon to do both at the same time. My stomach is more important than my boobs but I do love the sounds of dr Connell. Anyone with similar experiences that can comment would be really much appreciated! thank you!!
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