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  1. Haha yes definitely feeling fat. I just keep reminding myself it will change sooner or later and we will be happy ladies when summer arrives I'm looking forward to buying whatever top I like lol
  2. Hahaha yes same. I was so overwhelmed after surgery I forgot the answers to all my questions. When can we lay on our sides and when are we allowed to lift our arms to shampoo our hair? @Kismet @Nelly22 did anyone tell you to keep up the panadol every 4 hours? They told me to take 2 panadol every 4 hours and that helps with numbing the pain.
  3. Oh you poor girl that's no good. I just want to lay on my side and watch TV. I'm so over sitting up all the time.
  4. No pain. I've only taken some panadol today. How are you feeling?
  5. Wishing I didn't need the bra anymore. Can't wait to wear some thing comfortable!
  6. @Fitchick14 day 1 post surgery and I am still only on panadol, I did take half an endone before bed to help with how sore my butt was getting laying upright lol. The travel pillow is a fantastic idea. I forgot to bring mine with me as I was too busy making sure I had everything I needed for my baby. @Kismet my bra feels fine so you may want to try a different size bra?
  7. Oh really hope you're not in too much pain. I'm looking forward to going bra shopping eventually
  8. @Kismet you're so lucky not to have drains. I had 325cc round under muscle. Your photos look great what surgeon did you have and what did you get?
  9. I'm feeling pretty good actually besides the feeling of tightness. They told me to keep up the panadol every 4 hours and gave me a script for endone if I need stronger pain killer but I haven't needed any so far. The drains are annoying and I'm so looking forward to getting them removed tomorrow
  10. I had mine done today too with Dr Greensmith! How did your surgery go?
  11. Thank you so much for your reply, photos would be terrific, friend request sent
  12. Hi Girls, I'm new to all of this and would love to hear any advice you can give me. I have decided to go with Dr Andrew Greensmith from Your Breast and would like to hear from girls who have had their breasts done by him.
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