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  1. I'm 140cm 35kg , I have 225cc teardrop mod plus profile. I'm 5 weeks po measure 8D now
  2. @Mochi it will be help for your nipples sensitive if you play with your nipples at least 3 times a day ( in hot shower is the best time that I found out)
  3. I'm afraid that it is too early for you to do massage at week 4 . Tomorrow is my week 5 and yesterday I tried massage my friend once , it is kind of pushing limits when I use my palms massage for her as I have to use my chest muscles so I had to switching between my balm and my finger's pressers. By the end of 1 hour massage, my chest is tight, my incisions are hurt and my fingers so tired ?
  4. I'm a massage therapist and my PS told that I should wait at least 6-8 weeks to back as work as my job have to use upper body. I'm at 4 weeks now and feel as normal so I think I will be back at work in week 6 to see how I'm going, if it is sore then I will take an other 2 weeks off
  5. Jenny1002

    Boobs in July ?

    @Mich I got 225 cc mod plus profile under muscle
  6. Jenny1002

    Boobs in July ?

    @Mich : I'm from 8a before and now is 8C, my boobs still swollen tho so not sure that's the final size yet
  7. Jenny1002

    Boobs in July ?

    @asianbabe I'm 140 cm , 34 kg , I have 225 cc teardrop under muscles ?
  8. Jenny1002

    Boobs in July ?

    Hi ladies . Hope you are all going well xx . It's my 3 week po yesterday and just took the surgery bandage off. Now I can sleep flat on my back , yay no more pillows for me! I'm so happy when I do the compare before and after pic ?, no more flat chest ??
  9. @MrsGreatfull00 I have an eye on their Beach Babe bikini there ?, that will be my next one once my boobs drop and fluff ?. I'm patiently waiting for your pic too ?
  10. @MrsGreatfull00 I'm 18 days po today, first time try my old bikini on and OMG ? it looks tiny on me now ?
  11. Jenny1002

    Boobs in July ?

    @lovejugs use ice packs cover on the top of your chest in the first 48 hour to help with swollen and use warm beans bag to help your back shoulders in the first week. In the next few days, the tightness in the chest will gone but the soreness in the back shoulder will increase as you have to sleep upright. Remember drink more water, prune juice.
  12. I got the sailor too , in red colour ?. And I had the rainbow ? one ?, my hubby loves it
  13. @MrsGreatfull00 I'm size 4-6 and I wear their bottom size XS .
  14. Jenny1002

    Boobs in July ?

    Hi ladies, Post op 9 days , the bloating go down a lot, but still have some in lower ab. Haft of the breasts from nipples down still quite numb. I still have sleep on my back with 2 pillows. Slowly walking every day but still very easily breathless. And my Gosh! The way I'm walking just look like a Penguin ? Because of my side boobs ?. Stopped taken strong painkiller on day 4, and stop panadol and antibiotic on day 7. Don't feel pain much, just the incision start feeling itchy and nipples are so sensitive. Love my curves now ?. Hope every one are doing well too and good luck for anyone next ?
  15. Jenny1002

    Boobs in July ?

    Good luck for today @Mrs Freckles and @Niltiac xx . Let's us know how you ladies go xx
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