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  1. Hi, it has been 2 weeks since I did my Vaser Liposuction procedure at Cosmos Clinic in Sydney. I did my legs(outer and inner thighs, my banana roll and my love handles). Everything is going really great so far and the results are actually better than I expected! They are recommending I book myself in with their massage therapist for another week but I have already paid for a trip OS(I booked it a year ago!) I already did the 4 sessions which is standard and I am feeling good like I completely recovered. Has anyone else cut there after care sessions short? if so how did your results turn out? ?
  2. Mimy

    Dr Ajaka - Cosmos Clinic

    I just had my procedure (2 weeks ago) with him and honestly Dr. Ajaka was amazing! He was so professional and so far I am so incredible happy with my results(I did my legs, thighs and my tummy)it looks awesome. Everyone of the staff at Cosmos Clinic were attentive to my needs like answering my million questions and the whole experience went smoothly. Overall very impressed with everything.