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  1. Hi! I have been measured for bras now that I have been given the all clear to wear them. Now I'm clueless about what bra would be suitable for my new size! I am measuring at 10f or 10g depending on the brand. I'm after something that will push the girls together and give me some awesome cleavage for the times I want to show them off. Any recommendations for brands? I had a look at Victoria Secret and it looks like there is no hope there....
  2. I am still getting a bit tender towards the end of the day, and only just starting to lose the sunburnt feeling But I am so so so happy with my results so far. My scars are impossible to see and already fading. I am so glad I did this! Here is before, at 1 week and today.
  3. I am pretty similar to you (168cm and around 64kgs) and I had 495cc high profile under muscle teardrops about 4 weeks ago. I love them. I was so worried they would be too big... but now I think I would have even gone bigger!
  4. @MrsGreatfull00 OmG! This is had just hit me! It's actually worse than the original pain. I feel.. sunburned? I shall be touching like crazy now to try and relieve this feeling.
  5. @Kismet I ended up with 495cc High profile. I ummed and ahhed so much about the size, I was sure they would be too big. I'm so glad I listened to him. Dr Cunneen just put my surgery on his Instagram as well, so cool to watch!
  6. Ok here is my before and afters. I'm still so shocked that the old, saggy breastfeeding boobs are gone and I have these!
  7. I just had my follow up and had all the tape taken off. I'm in love! They are 1000000x better than I could ever have hoped for. They look exactly like the wish boobs I showed Dr Cunneen. I was so worried the implant was too big but he was right, it is perfect for my frame.
  8. @maddyadelaide I am also taking celebrex and panadol. I have endone as well, but today I have only taken that before bed because the pain is getting better. They gave me tramadol as well but I am avoiding taking that because it seems to make lots of people feel sick. I get sick after GA so they also gave me something during the procedure to help with that and some wafers for nausea. I needed one when I first got home but haven't since.
  9. @maddyadelaideI have been sleeping in a recliner with a body pillow. It helps with standing up when I need to. I tried the bed but it was too hard to get in and out of. I also made sure I had everything next to my chair before I left. Water bottle, Phone charger, TV remotes. I have a whole heap of meals made up in the freezer for lunch and dinner and smoothie mixes for breakfast. I have been lucky, my mum stayed with me and did absolutely everything for me and the kids. My house has never been cleaner! She also managed all my pain meds and kept me on top of that. Tonight is my first nig
  10. I'm on the other side! Not so much in pain, more uncomfortable. I just had a quick look and I am in love
  11. I'm first up for surgery tomorrow morning. Eek! I still can't believe I'm actually doing this?
  12. I had my sizing appointment today. Paid the surgeons fee and ordered my post op bra... ready to go! I have decided on 500cc textured anatomical. I tried on 400/450/500 and couldn't really tell the difference, of course my husband voted the biggest. Now I need to stop stressing I have chosen too big!
  13. @MrsGreatfull00 I have 17 days (I think?) and last night I was thinking "This is so much money, what am I doing?!"
  14. @maddyadelaide I actually saw three different surgeons and two suggested teardrops and one suggested rounds. I am borderline for a lift (breastfed for 4 years all together and went from a b to and e and then back again) The surgeon that suggested rounds also wanted to do a full lift. The other two said that with a teardrop I can fill out the skin I already have and avoid needing a lift. So it must depend on what you are starting with? I decided to go with the option that avoids a lift. And if I feel like they still are not right I will get a revision (but he said he has never had anyone
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