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    Dr Pornthep - Late July 2017
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  1. I've made a decision after doing the research and getting quotes and assessments. I looked into the top guy in Australia for this procedure and got a quote - $55K. Yikes, not this year. School fees come first. My surgery in Thailand won't cost me more than $20K. I've decided on Dr Pornthep, through Cosmeditour. At this point I think I'll go at the end of July. I'm quite excited and also petrified. Of course this is not my first rodeo - I've had breast augmentation (in 2003), as well as vaginal rejuvenation (in 2011). I had my last baby in September '15 at age 46. Thanks to 15 years of paleo lifestyle I am not overweight but have loose skin. I'm really looking forward to wearing a bikini for the first time in 23 years!
  2. @Sarahwantsboobies2017 I finally got my quote from NIB - the person who had been handling it left the company and didn't update anyone on my case - very frustrating! I am not going to go with them - their quote was A LOT more than the best quote I've had so far. I still want to go with Dr Pornthep but I'm going to use Cosmeditour I think.
  3. @OldMeSurgery - I found NIB Options to be extremely slow - as in they never get back to me about anything. Also, their quote, when it arrived weeks later, was well and truly above every other quote. I am still going to go with the surgeon I got the quote from, just through a different agency.
  4. I'm interested to know this too. I tried dealing with a hospital directly and found it difficult. I'm going to use an agency but I haven't decided which one yet as I'm still waiting on one last quote.
  5. @Sarahwantsboobies2017 how are things progressing for you? I'm still waiting on my NIB Options quote but got quotes from the others, including IR, DB and Cosmeditour.
  6. @Kaleidoscope_Eyes thanks for your kind reply... I ended up with 325cc (round/under the muscle). I'm waiting on quotes for replacement and breast lift now. Amazing that the cost hasn't changed that much! I'm going to go to Thailand and have a tummy tuck at the same time. Ha, I just had a wish that I could go back to Tony Moore and flash my 2.4 carat double halo diamond/platinum engagement ring in his rude face. That would be petty of course :). Are you happy with your results? Did you have the surgery in Adelaide?
  7. Thanks I'm still favouring Dr Pornthep in Bankok over all the others, even though people keep telling me that Phuket is a much nicer place for recovery. I still haven't seen a surgeon in Phuket with the results I'm looking for. Fingers crossed I get the NIB quote today!
  8. I'd like to hear some stories on this also - I'm considering implant removal, breast lift and augmentation, tummy tuck and veneers. Also in Thailand, but have not decided between Dr Pornthep or an alternative doctor through a different agency. Finding before and after photos is hard. I'd love to hear from anyone who has been over and had multiple surgeries through either Cosmeditour, NIB Options (seems to be no reviews on this company) or International Rejunation (who's website kinda sucks).
  9. @Sarahwantsboobies2017 I LOVE Latin dancing! Years ago when I lived in America I went every week to a club for Latin dance instructors (invited by a friend) and had such a good time. I kinda miss dancing, but my significant other is not into it, so I just mess around with the kids at home, although not often enough. IR is International Rejuvenation? I haven't looked into them yet. But I will now! I still haven't had a quote from NIB, frustratingly slow. I guess there's no rush, except in my mind - I am always impatient for answers I'd love to see any before and after pic/links you find if you are willing to share them - thank you
  10. @Sarahwantsboobies2017 are you getting pressure to pay your deposit with Cosmeditour before 28 Feb? I contacted NIB Options yesterday hoping to speed things up so I can make a decision. Not sure if prices are going to go up after 28 Feb or not. My guess is that their sales teams are on commission and that the end of month is their cutoff date. I'm a digital marketer so I usually get turned right off by urgent calls to action. Because BS. I've read good things about Dr Piyapas but haven't seen anything on Dr Veerawat. The problem I'm having is that I want to see photos from six months after surgery and most of these Thai doctors take them one week post op when there's still a lot of swelling etc. If compared to Australian surgeons, say Dr Miroshnik - who's before and after pics are flawless because they are taken after six months or more and because his skill is incredible and stupidly expensive - they don't look awesome. Dr Pornthep's before and after photos are the best I've seen so far, even though they are mostly 1 week post op. It worries me when I see lots of pics of BAs with so much upper pole fullness as I am after a very natural look - I am 47 and don't want to be one of those middle aged women with big rock hard round boobs 'in the window'. The implants I have now make me a D cup and I feel they are too big for my frame as I age (I started out with an A as an ex ballerina). Also, the smaller the implant the longer the lift lasts, I've read. I hope your savings plans work out earlierso you can enjoy some summer exposure of your new bod
  11. Hi there, I'm in the same boat and have talked to CosMediTour and NIB Options - found CosMediTour to be great so far, and NIB Options to be slower - although I really like that they have an online portal and you can track the progress of things and see messages between their staff and the surgeon. I'm still waiting for the quote from NIB and hope it will come back lower than the CosMediTour one. I'm looking at having a 'mummy makeover' but not a standard one as I already have implants so there's an added cost for removing them. I'm favouring Bangkok over Phuket also, after looking at hundreds of before and after photos. Reviews favour Dr Boonchai but I don't like his before and after at all, so I'm looking at going with Dr Pornthep, unless I find another recommendation and the results look good. When are you thinking of going? It will be end of July for me, if I can take leave from work.
  12. This is an old post but I thought I would chime in anyway... I found your rundown of Adelaide surgeons to be very accurate @WhingingPom - I saw many of the same ones in my research phase for a BL in 2003. I ended up going with Tony Moore because the wife of Tim Edwards (mother from my children's school) strongly recommended him to me. He convinced me that a BA would be better for me than a BL and I ended up with much larger breasts than I wanted and they never quite looked right on my 50kg frame. When I went back to him to talk about a revision he made completely inappropriate comments about my lack of wedding ring and that 'pregnancy had ravished my body' so I was lucky to get the result I had. So I gave up. Now that I'm doing research into getting the revision done I am getting angry about it again. I paid $8K to get second rate breasts and I kick myself that I didn't fight harder to get what I wanted. Lessons learned. I hope things worked out well for you.
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