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    Dr Joseph Ajaka
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  1. Hi Mimy, firstly you're looking really amazing for 2 weeks after! If you are going on holiday this shouldn't have too much impact, you will probably just find that it takes slightly longer to achieve your final result. I did have to have several weeks in a previous lipo with Cosmos where I didn't get any massage. When I did return they focused on any scar tissue that I had to ensure that my healing gave an even result. im not too sure about yourself but I know that I have the massage therapist in my head saying "make sure you do self massage". when you do get back best to book in to see the doctor and the massager therapist for them to see your progress and how they focus on any problem areas or concerns you had while away. I have been based in a role that travelled regularly for the last year so I found that it was hard to diet and exercise so I have now gone back to cosmos and dr Joseph to get similar areas done, I am now 3 weeks since having completed my Vaser lipo and below is the photo. Doubtful that travel is an issue cosmos haven't faced before. Probably best to keep them in the loop about how you are going while away and if you have any concerns just email them and they might be able to make some recommendations. looking great! Jae