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  1. Hey all love seeing everyone's results! I'm almost 4wks post op and I feel normal, can sleep on my side and stomach with a pillow under me and I don't feel any pain or tightness. So hang in there I think you'll be feeling great in no time ? i do however get random shooting pains if I bend over sometimes so I'm not sure if that's normal and will be asking bout it at my check up on Friday.
  2. So I had my surgery today. Last night was really rough I was struggling with panic attacks but then when I got to preadmission they have me something that calmed me right down. I don't even remember them puttingthehad mask over my face I think i was already put to it. I ended up taking quite a while to wake up and was super groggy was doing things and saying things I have no memory of so they kept me in a little longer juat til I spoke up fully. Buuuuut I'm home now and at the moment I'm feeling amazing. ....not sure if I'm going to crash and burn when pain meds wear off but so far I haven't had to take anything. There is a bit of bruising on my left incision but it just feels like when you're really full and need to express when breast feeding. I was worried I'd wake up and hate them but so far I'm in love and so glad I finally did this for myself and didn't let others opinions get in the way. To the girls who are post op hope you are feeling ok and recovering well and to those with surgery booked soon good luck it is totally worth it xx
  3. Hi I had an idea of what I wanted just from reading info about different options online but ultimately I was guided by what my surgeon recommended would be best to give me the result I was after but that would also best suit my body.
  4. I'm booked 27 April with Dr Gaffield. I'm struggling a bit with the sizing decision too. Have picked 350cc I feel like they are maybe a bit big but when I see photos they are really in proportion with the rest of my body. I think because I don't even fill and 8AA to start off with anything feels big in comparison.
  5. Thanks for sharing! Did they give you an idea of what size you would end up with? I've been told a C to D in some things
  6. Thankyou so much everyone you really are helping to reassure me! I had surgery booked but was freaking out so called and cancelled it today but them afterwards I just wanted to cry at the thought of not getting it done so have booked it back in again and made another appointment to go back and just double check the size again and talk things through with the nurse about what to expect. I am actually starting to feel excited about it now though. So thankyou so much everyone for commenting and sharing your experiences!
  7. Hey Suzie 8f I'm new to this how do I add you?
  8. Hi everyone I am still unsure about the size I have chosen I'm wondering if anyone who started off with not even an A cup and got 325cc to 375cc under muscle implants would be willing to post pictures so I can get an idea of what I'm likely to end up with?
  9. Hi everyone I had a consultation before xmas and selected a size. Then 2 days ago had another consultation and got my husband to come with me this time to get his opinion. During the second consultation the nurse didn't tell me what sizes she was using and I ended up selecting the exact same size as I did the first time. I like the way they look however straight after the consultation I had pain in the middle of my spine just between/below my shoulder blades. It was really quite painful and lasted a couple of days. My concern is does this mean the implant size I chose is too big? Did anyone else experience this? Also is there anything I can do to get a better indication as to whether the size I've chosen is going to give me back pain? Obviously trying implants on and taking them off is different to having them permanently. I am 163cm 50kg and currently not even an A cup and looking at 350cc and 375cc which will take me to a C/D cup. I know if I go ahead and end up with back pain I will regret it but being so flat chested really affects my self confidence I just want to be able to fill out clothes properly! Thanks in advance everyone ?
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