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  1. Hi Madz consultation is free in most of places. They will give you the costing for different options and which suits you the most. Good Luck!!
  2. Hi Niltiac, Good Luck!! with the BA. After gaining consciousness only for initial couple of hours you require assistance after that you will do fine on your own.
  3. Yes i have used Loreal Absolut serum and argan oil both are good products. Other than that i have also used Philips hair straightener.
  4. You need filler, since its a delicate area and a good doc to perform this
  5. The news is very scary, however it is not concluded as the direct cause and is still early to say to what extent it contribute
  6. 28% over 72% is a huge difference and its good people are after safe methods.
  7. A friend of mine get them pierced after BA, it doesn't hurt much and will heal easily.
  8. Oh Great!! Caring Mom, and a great choice of Dr.
  9. I have used coconut oil will try comfeel thanks @Stacey Lee
  10. Yes Mirena is great, i feel unchained no worry of periods. It wasn't good in the beginning but after few days of adjustment with body it is working great
  11. Hi @Mummy_of_3 It took me 8 weeks to get away with the pain and to gain the desired shape but its now feeling great to have them off the strings
  12. Hi Happy Girl, sorry to hear about you hair. It might be some intolerance in the body causing this reaction and immediate doctor advice is best.
  13. Dr. Dona at Bella Vista! is also a good option
  14. I don’t see a reason to lift, but gather opinions and then decide and Dr Dona is another good option
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