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    Sydney NSW
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    Tummy Tuck.
    After 5 huge babies ( smallest was 3 weeks early 5kg) in 6 years and 5 caesars, my stomach is not mine any more. See offending photos below. It is mine plus ten other beer bellies on top and an added BBQ apron built in to add to the excruciating effect.
    I was lucky enough to not have been effected so badly in the breasts, though my stomach is so horrendous it takes over any good feeling I have that my boobs made it thru. =I breast fed all till they were 2, even tandem feeding twice, and yet my breasts held out and have gone back to pre pregnancy shape and size.
    So glad this site is here. I have learnt so much from you all. So thanx in advance
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    171 cm/ 75kg/14DD/stomach 5 million inches wide.

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  1. Please read my thread. I wish I did it in Australia.
  2. To be continued. I've had 2 years of hell recovering from the worst job TT. I even picked up the equivilant of Australia's MRSI. Though a Thai version. Almost untreatable in Australia. Though this was only a small thing that went on. My now Sydney Surgeon- leading plastics surgeon in Australia -has begged him for my med records and he refuses. They even know each other personally and he used this side of their relationship to appeal to him. Dr pre has now cut all communication. my doc has now reported him because he believes the whole process - from beginning of surgery to follow up - was definitely negligence. This means nothing in Thailand though when he comes here on conferences (which is often apparently) he will be regarded as a non colleague. Please please believe me when I say - DO NOT GO with this doctor . im still recovering though once it's all over I shall give full account with pics .
  3. Thanx janes mask. I agree with you. It's an amazingly informative site yet so nurturing.
  4. hey flat mummy. yes my surgeon has been decidedly bossy about me going any where. I see him every moring at 8 and every second afternoon at 3. The girls at the desk were charging me 1200bht for these visits though he has told them not to any more. Which i was amazed at because it clearly reads in my contract that i will pay for any ongoing care if complications arise. So Im getting the best of care for free. According to him, which I do believe, this would have happened no matter what as I had extensive suturing and the drain wasnt allowed to stay in long enough to compensate this. Though I am paying for a hotel and he did remind me of this. Who knew a surgeon had emotions. All the surgeons I know have had empathy lobotomies. Anyway, although Ive been loving the break from the kids Im starting to yearn. So I think i need to get home soon. And besides, my husband (who said he could care for the kids with his eyes closed) as predicted is now tearing his hair out. I have 5 children aging from 18mths to 8 years. Well keep you all updated as I move from appointment to appointment. Thanx again for all the concern
  5. hey buby3. my back is killing me and driving me crazy. how long till i can stand straight? I thought this was an early thing that goes. Are you still bending at 5 weeks?
  6. thanx buby3, i do have to increase my fluid intake. though i have the walking down pat.
  7. hi, i just ate yogurt (for the antibiotics) and fruit. my doctor only allowed me liquid food like soup etc until i left hospital anyway. Though i still only had the yogurt and stewed fruit. Its the morphine that blocks you up as it is a diuretic. So everyday I had a cup of hot water about every 3hrs. So by day 3 i was raring to go (no pun intended). all soft and not to difficult. I kept the hot water up for about another 3 days but was eating normally. Therefore this kept me regular without much straining. Hot water is a great laxative though you must drink it regularly. just one cup is not enough.
  8. Ok, updating since my visit with doc this morning. All ok with indent. he said its because i have such severe swelling down lower and I had lipo up higher then this is the immediate effect. Im not to worry and imagine it 2 inches less puffy within 4 - 6 weeks. so he means I have like 2 inches of swelling going on. he said that because of my heavy suturing with all my stomach muscles I will have worse bruising and swelling than most. phew. Though with that I also have bad superficial internal bleeding. I had to keep one extra drain in for 4 days and he did not want to take it out as it was still draining alot though i had developed a small infection around the entrance of tube. So he had to remove it incase it got worse and the infection got inside. Therefore where all that blood was going to go in the drain is now flooding up under my skin (nice). It looks shocking. Though he is not worried as my body will absorb it apparantly. He just does not want me to fly as the pressure may stop the absorbtion. Great. So staying. Will take photo's of offending blood flood to show you though he did say this will be gone in a matter of days (i dont know). like i said before. Thank you all so much for getting me thru those scary moments.
  9. hi blondie, I am within 2 min walking distance from hospital. I would catch a cab cause they are so cheap. Though I dont need to. like i said i just walk there. Ive had to visit my doctor now 5 times since surgery (few minor complications) and walked every day. I just caught a cab from the airport. It cost me $9. I booked a hotel on booking.com (they give you distance from where you want to be) for night before surgery. That hotel was literally in grounds of hospital. Then I booked with hospital the apartments connected to hospital so I could get drain removal and bandages changed. (though did not need to. Could have stayed in local hotel). Then I booked a nice hotel again with booking.com within walking distance from hospital yet nice enough to be close to great things and with great pool etc. Ive had more complications since visit this morning and he begged me not to fly. Luckily i have flexible tickets and now im staying for even longer in this incredible hotel 5star at $80 a night. No kids and my god im loving it. I think I would have been annoyed by someone running this all for me and cashing in on something I could have easily done myself. The hospital answered every question, no matter how small by email, within 24hrs. They were far more informative and easier to get in touch with than BM. Though like I said this is my experience. Im very independent and not scared to do things alone.
  10. hi shaker, Im staying in 1501 at the Amari. So call me if you want any news or consolling voice. I have to go out with friends tomorrow night and will be leaving at 8. Though will be in room from 6. If I dont talk to you, good luck and let me know how it all went.
  11. Ok. What I have been doing is dropping into a place called The Bakery house every afternoon around 4. Its connected to the Marriot on the outside. Its a lovely cafe/restaurant in Sukumvit. Its 3 mins walk from Bumrungrad so if anyone is staying near there then Ill do the same for the next week. I always sit outside so you cant miss me - not many anglo woman in Bangkok sitting on their own. Im here till the 20th. I hope I see one or 2 of you soon.
  12. oh god. Your on morphine for 24 hours. I could not even open my eyes until that stopped. I would pay the difference and stay in hospital just for the first night. I could have gone home second day - though more towards the afternoon. I also had a catheter for the first 24 hours. You cant go anywhere till thats removed. I think it is slightly negligent for your surgeon to even allow it. It is a major operation. Far worse than a ceaser. The dangers of bleeding, infection etc are so high in first 24 hours. I usually only advise on this site though being a nurse and experienced a TT which Im now recovering from, I would highly recommend you stay at least 24 hours.
  13. hi me again. I started to go thru bangkok makeovers yet I found them really difficult to contact. So I started to ask the hospital a few questions and found them to be unbelievable. They were so helpfull and informative I decided to do it all on my own. I booked the hospital apartments for post 3 days after then they recommended hotels around hospital within walking distance. I am so glad I have done it alone cause I had to change my op date 3 times due to childrens needs and the hospital was so responsive to this. I would give them a month I would be able to go and they would give me the dates of my selected ( my popular mind you) surgeon within that month. So flexible. Now this is my experience and im not going against BM though I found going alone and thru the hospital was far easier and more flexible than going with BM. I know its daunting looking at Thailand from Australia, though Bangkok is just like Sydney - very organised and busy. Im here now and dont want to leave cause now that im feeling better I want to experience as much as I can. I hope this helps you!!
  14. oh my god guys, thanx so much for all replying to me. I feel like I have my mum with me with all your nurturing. Answering some of the questions. Yes I am wearing a compression bandage. It was the first time I had taken it off standing up. so i had not seen my wounds. Though maybe it is the bandage as it drives me crazy. I felt so bruised putting it back on. So I have turned it around where the velcro is at the back and It feels much better. The infection was small and is healing well with antibiotics and skin antibiotics. I see Dr P tomorrow morning at 8;30am. I pushed the appointment forward so I wouldnt worry all day long. Yes the dark area is all heavy bruising. Dr P told me when he got in there he found every single one of my stomach muscles had split thru pregnancy and had to sew them all up. He said, although not rare, he rarely sees such damage to stomch muscles. So the 5 hour operation apparently went for 6 and 1/2. So I got very heavy bruising from this. Your right cha cha, Im probably doing too much in the heat. Ill try and do less outside until I get home where its cooler. Like I said guys, to read your reassuring and warming posts so quickly was priceless to me. Alone and without family can put your mind into some strange states. You have relieved my anxiety more than you could ever know.
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