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  1. Oh thats awsome, well done on the extra bras. Yes, definately no more underwire required!! ....just realised you are coming from NZ. Did you know Greensmith is a kiwi? I felt very comfortable with him. Wishing you all the best on your travel to Oz and am confident you will be in good hands.
  2. I am itching to get back into exercise, totally piling on the weight, would appreciate if anyone else has any tips or information about exercise after Breast implants, especially regarding chest i.e. push ups etc. I see my Dr at 6 week mark and will ask then but havnt really been given any information on this topic except from the nurse who said I could start lower body low impact (no running or jumping) at 4 weeks.
  3. Fine now. They are pretty firm which is something I have to get used to I suppose but hoping they will soften a little as time goes by. Really looking forward to exercising again and going bra shopping for the first time. So sick of this black compression bra. If you can buy a white or nude one from a different source I highly reccommend it.
  4. Hi Sarahwantsboobie, the bras are about $40. Definately need two for when one is in the wash. You can buy on day two when you return to have the drains removed. You wont be able to drive yourself, someone will have to take you. It is such a relief to have the drains removed but was painless and quick. Good time to ask any questions you have, the nurses are very informative.
  5. I had pain more on one side but then it fluctuated to the other side. What I did have was alot of pins and needles in my hands, to the point of waking me up, but not sure if that was from sleeping upright as I am usually a tummy sleeper but can say 4 weeks on and the pins and needles have subsided. oh and Yeah sensitivity to my nipples has returned too. What I have learnt is that its not an immediate recovery and from other blogs the healing process takes time. Hang in there girls and hope all goes well.
  6. Hi Tsal, was looking and getting quotes for most of last year then bit the bullet end of 2016 and got in for March 2017 as I was between jobs and pushed for it to be done asap. If you have 3 kids make sure you have someone with you for the first couple of days, you dont want to be overdoing it. 1x bra was included, paid extra for second one. will be glad when 6 weeks are up as the bras are only black, sick of wearing dark tops lol. No hubby to take me in but had girlfriends to help but most do go in with partners. Good luck in August, hope you are happy with your result. Hi Staceylee, Yes I had a standard augmentation. Was fortunate not to require a lift. Not sure how much extra for that, everyone is dfferent and you really need a personal consultation. Cost me $6950 all up plus would have been an additional $330 consultation fee which they actually waived for me due to an appointment booking error. In my experience I thought Dr Greenfield was excellent but I dont really have anything to compare him to as I have only ever had this one job done. Its a big decision, one which effects your looks so reccommend you get as many consultations as you can within your budget and go with who you feel most comfortable with. Good luck. Hope all is going well for you Jabba_01, its 14th April today so I expect your still in the deepest part of recovery but know it only gets better and easier with each day . I am at 4 weeks now and am fine, just looking forward to getting back into gym as I have put on a few kgs not exercising during recovery period and quitting smoking prior to surgery, so my advice.....watch what you eat lol. Would love to hear about your experience when your up for it.
  7. 100% happy, definately worth it. Dont know why I waited all these years.
  8. Also, was very happy with Greensmiths price, advice, professionalism and overall work to create a natural look. Went from a 10b to a full C/small D with the 300cc. If anyone has any questions I am happy to chat or offer advice from my experience.
  9. Had my surgery on Wed 15th March 2017, 10 days on and I am extremely happy, could easily have been back at work within a week. Day of surgery was an early start at 6.45am but before I knew it I was being picked up by 10:30am and home in my own bed by 11:30am. Staff were very friendly and comforting at Stonnington Day Surgery. First 24 hours are full on but with help of pain killers, slept most of it and to my relief returned next day to have tubes removed by nurse. Was up and about in afternoon of Day 2. Once that first 24 hours passed I was fine to get on with my day within reason. Breasts are still a little hard and swollen but that will go down and soften. Had my 1 week post op check up with Greensmith yesterday who was very happy with the result. I do feel like they are under my arms a bit but knew this was going to happen as I have a very wide cleavage and Greensmith discussed this with me prior but they will soften and drop in and I will get used to having boobies. Have attached some photos but they are not very good, unfortunately I have not mastered the selfie. The photos do not do the job justice. I am very happy with the result. Weigh 60kg 166cm tall had 300cc round silicone. Only advice I offer is make sure you try a larger size than what you decide on so as you know for sure, I was concerned about having them too big but now the swelling is going down I'm thinking I should have tried the next size up. Also make sure you have someone at home on day one and two to take care of house and kids, you wont be able to do anything. Photos are Before, Day of, and Day one. Will post another in a few weeks to see the difference.
  10. Mr Greensmith did clearly explain to me that he has recently significantly reduced his price to $6950 for Breast Augmentation as he felt there was a gap in the Melbourne market that was seeing women pushed overseas and to inferior Australian cosmetic surgeons and not giving them an option.
  11. Friend request sent. Would like to see photos. My only concern is that he said laying on your side you may be able to see a double line on the skin from the implant as I dont have much fat in that area. Have you experienced anything like this?
  12. I am booked in with Mr Greensmith of Malvern for Breast implants 300cc round silicone March 2017. Price was excellent compared to overseas and interstate quotes, a little more but I get to stay at home to recuperate, have family support and be close to my Dr for check ups. Very happy with his reviews, will let you know how I go. Very excited.
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