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  1. Hi @Lis70 I am 7wpo from having a mummy makeover - I wish I'd known about this procedure (the TT) and got it done sooner. I feel soooo 'normal' now after having my abdo wall muscles stitched back together and excess pregnancy skin gone. Yes the scar is there and its big - but I don't even think about it at all. I'm just happy that I fit into jeans/pants, and I have a flat tummy. And I was so apprehensive for many reasons before hand, but definitely 100% no regrets. In my opinion, without knowing more about why you want this, I'd say go for it!
  2. OMG these pics of yours - this is soooooooooo me I need this ASAP! I've been quoted $250 - does that sound about right girls? I have no idea...
  3. I'm 4wpo now, but I think at about 2wpo I felt fairly normal and was standing straight - but each to their own! all bodies are different!
  4. Agree with @misstons!! It's not much between the 2, and I would go 295cc. I went from an A cup to 350cc implant which (at 3wpo - early days I know) is around a D. I don't think you will be disappointed either way hun!! Good luck x
  5. hiya @Mumof3boys Yes going really well still. Yes, under my new belly button area is relatively numb and slightly swollen. It feels a bit weird to touch and my PS is keeping an eye on the swelling. In fact, at the start of the week I saw my PS and he put a needle into that area to see if it was good swelling or bad swelling (excuse my lay persons terminology! I think its oedema vs seroma?) and it was all ok, and should go away in its own time. And the reason I know for sure that I have the numbness is that I was a bit freaked out at this scenario but I barely felt the needle because
  6. I haven seen those waist band things!! Yeah I'm about 2.5wpo now and yes heaps better. I run my own business with hubby and went in to work (desk job) at 8dpo for a few hrs and 9dpo for most of the day. But I really had a to do that to catch up - but found it fairly easy - just tiring overall. But good to get out of the house!! But in saying all that - I think I've had a fairly good recovery so far - according to PS's nurse. Other people may find it takes a bit longer... I'm sure you will love going back to work - you'll probably just be super tired. Is it F/T or P/T work? Are y
  7. Looks great @Mumof3boys!! woohoo!! you're on the other side now, it only gets better! What are you wearing? looks like bandages? I have to wear a full on support garment 24/7 and a bra.
  8. hi @Mumof3boys - I guess its different for everyone! I haven't had much bloating but I did feel like an old 80 year old grandma when going to the toilet in hospital all hunched over! You can never sleep in hospitals eh?! So are you happy with your results?! Do you know what you ended up getting? How are you doing at home now? I ended up staying 3 nights in hospital which was a blessing to have that extra night (only meant to have 2) so I didn't have to do kids/house!! I had a check up with my PS's nurse yesterday and she said I've probably got the best belly button she's ever s
  9. hi Sylve! A wrote a whole heap somewhere here a few days ago... but basically going really well now, better every day! Boobs are just heavy and like rocks, but its really my tummy that is uncomfortable and sore at times. 10dpo now. Thanks heaps for your message x
  10. I totally was overthinking size right before my surgery... and my PS didn't even discuss projection!! I just had a really good idea of how big I wanted to be (not too cray-cray!) and just really how I wished my body should have been. i.e. some cleavage/shape but not over the top big boobs. I put a lot of faith in my PS's opinion on what really suited my body shape and actually agreed with his recommendation. Have you shown your PS this pic?! Do you know what cup size you were then? I personally think your boobs look awesome here!! ha ha I'm thinking that anything between 300-40
  11. ha ha! My Left one was pointing far left and then that night it was pointing straight away - how weird!! They are looking more like sisters now and I am in L.O.V.E. I'm feeling much better day by day thanks @Mumof3boys I planned (and ended up going) 350cc L and 400cc R (to correct asymmetry) and I couldn't be happier! Put my trust in my surgeon to go with what was right for my frame. They feel like heavy rocks on my chest! I found the first 2 days po the hardest with managing pain/constipation/getting in and out of bed. Wish I knew about Agiolax! Had one ex
  12. Hi kismet I was as at the main hospital yeah might get some pear juice but I think I'll be right now that I'm home. I think for me the first 2days after op was up and down but now I'm beginning to feel normal!!! hey dreams it certainly is 1 day at a time but I can't wait for summer and slowly bring these new babies out!!! Heres todays pic: 4 dpo. Bit weird looking but fabulous!! ?
  13. Gosh I don't know how to do this on my phone!! Day1po - came off a big high of lots of local anesthetic so pain got a bit out of control had a bit of a moment omg what I have done?! Due to pain and a quick tear or 2. Crap sleep first night. Day2 po - better sleep better control of pain and what I have to get up?!?! Massively constipated and very uncomfortable for a few hrs. Going home tomorrow and looking forward to some privacy so I can get a good look at my new improved assets!! Boobs are perfect size and little pain only - my tummy is the worst and I had to have mesh to s
  14. Hiya. I'm pretty good actually a lot better than i anticipated!! Haven't had any pain medsother than panadol. I will need some soon I reckon for tummy!! I just can't move in bed!! Very tired too. Similar feeling to c section. All went according to plan!!! ?? Thanks heaps @dreams I don't think so but I would luv to see the after shots!!
  15. Hiya. I'm pretty good actually a lot better than i anticipated!! Haven't had any pain medsother than panadol. I will need some soon I reckon for tummy!! I just can't move in bed!! Very tired too. Similar feeling to c section. All went according to plan!!! ?? Thanks heaps @dreams
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