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  1. @RKN hi ya! Yes you are correct In saying that surgery was about $9500 - $10000 (hospital stay overnight, Kollias surgery, anaesthetic fees and implants) Dr Kollias is actually quite comparable regarding cost. I had straight forward surgery, high round profile 450cc under the muscle. As @sabP mentioned though, he really is an AMAzING Plastic Surgeon and couldn’t recommend him high enough ? I’m 3 months post op and very happy with my results. Good luck on your decision whichever way you decide to go.
  2. Sorry @CJ- haven't been on here much lately. But in relation to your question, Yes they are! Iv been putting bio oil on mine as per my PS but Iv been a bit naughty lifting my son and think Iv overdone it a bit. Hope I haven't done any damage. I do think it will take a while before they will soften and lighten unfortunately. How are you going, did you get a second opinion?
  3. I'm sorry to hear Hun, you should be happy, especially after spending a lot of money like you said. I know the process is overwhelming and if I hadn't joined this forum and pre-read a lot of info before proceeding I would be wandering what is happening! The body is a mavellous wonderful thing with its healing capabilities, it really just does take time. From what I see and read it can take anywhere from 3-12 months for them to be fully settled in. So maybe they are looking square as hey shift down? (One of mine is currently higher than the other, so hoping it descends soon) still, in say
  4. Hi ya @CJ- I'm doing well, I'm 5 weeks post-op now and finally feeling back to my normal self (with bigger boobies of course lol) My hubby keeps asking if I'm happy and I guess I am, I'm just waiting for the process of D & F to take place as I'm a bit sad they aren't a bigger i do have a wider cleavage as my PS said I would get compared to if I went over the muscle but they still come together nicely in a bra. What are you finding feels/looks weird? I did have a fair bit of swelling in my cleavage area which I was worried about but its seemed to have settled and d
  5. Thank so much @BethM! What size did Dr Kollias recommend and what size are you hoping to achieve? He really does know his stuff, I know it's hard when you have your mind set on size as I initially wanted at least 500cc but I think Dr Kollias allows you to go to the maximum without compromising the end result. I got 450cc and fitted as D cup already, so hopefully with a bit of D &F Il get a bit more ? Overall I'm pretty happy as I was a large A before ? So finally had my surgery on Saturday! @Kit @Cupcake85 @I HaveBoobs @sabP All went really well ? Had a compression bra fitted (36D)
  6. Good morning October buddies, or should I say October boobies lol ? So finally had my surgery on Saturday! All went really well ? Had a compression bra fitted (36D) and feeling a lot of pressure on the chest which I'm sure is to be expected. Taking panadol for the pain but wishing I took them up on the offer of stronger meds now I'm home as having trouble sleeping on my back and not resting as much as I probably should. Overall I'm pretty impressed as I thought I would be in much more pain and limited as to what I can do. Dr Kollias was AMAZING and the service and care from staff at St A
  7. Hi @BethM, im actually booked in for surgery 26/10, only 4 more sleeps ? Im also having 450cc dual plane smooth high profile. 14th Dec isn't far away now! Feel free to message me anytime, I'm not on here too often but will try to get back to you with any questions ? Thanks @I HaveBoobs @Cupcake85 @Kit hubby has 1 week off so better than nothing lol ? I will be taking full advantage and resting. My lil ones are 1.5yrs and the other just turned 4yrs. She loves to help but don't think she will be lifting him anytime soon.. hahaha ? Really appreciate al
  8. Yay @Crystal_ how exciting! Where are you located? im in Adelaide and booked 26/10! p.s my birthday is the 25/10 ? Hehe
  9. Yay Yay! Congratulations! So happy for you and glad to hear it all went well ? Good luck with the D &F, look forward to hearing about your process. 1wk and 6 days to go for mine ?
  10. Thanks so much @sabP i do have family in Adelaide but they are 1.5hrs away from me and have their hands full with little ones also. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply, I didn't even think about the button up tops, great idea! here's hoping to a speedy recovery. MM
  11. Hi all, i have a very enquisitive 4yr who is bound to ask questions about me being in hospital and post op surgery ( mummy has bigger boobies lol) just wandering if anyone else has any advice or experience on what they told their lil ones thanks in advance ?
  12. Hi everyone, i have surgery booked with Dr Kollias in 2 weeks and was hoping for some info on what to expect pre and post op and also any advice for recovery? i have 2 lil ones and my hubby works away so concerned about the lifting my lil one in the cot ? How long am I suppose to wait before lifting? also and advice on post op recovery thanks in advance ?
  13. Hi @DDaa 'When is your surgery booked? Mine is in 2 weeks, getting nervous now M
  14. Hi @RKN, I have booked surgery with Dr Kollias for 26th October ? I have had 2 consultations now and I just felt really comfortable with him. He explained everything in full but I was a lil unsure about whether I wanted to go over or under muscle so I had a second consult at no charge and we discussed both in full and decided on dual plane 450cc smooth round High profile. Dr.K was very responsive to my emails and I never felt like I was rushed at my appointments. He doesn't promote his work coz his priorities are cancer patients (something I admired) but he did show me photos of his wor
  15. @Kit he mentioned the pros and cons to both but suggested overs due to me liking to excercise and the fact my pinch test was at 3 so said I had enough tissue to do overs. It wasn't till after the consult I started to question what I actually wanted. I probably should of researched a bit more and and spoke with others prior to my appt. I do have another consult appt booked, so il be able to discuss a bit more with him then. Thanks so much for all your input. I love this forum, it's so nice to be able to chat to people that have actually been through the process already and can give an honest op
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