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  1. I'll give it a go haha thanks for the advice ?
  2. I guess this would explain more of what I want. I want them big enough that people know they're fake (as everyone tells me they look natural), but they don't look ridiculous. I want them bigger than my body but not overly. It's so hard to explain, but really I want to wear what she's wearing at be able to see how big they are and all that. I wore a leotard a week ago, and my boobs didn't even look big. If I follow through with it, I'm hoping for 360/385cc.
  3. Hi everyone, nearly 3 months PO, finally haha. I'm a little sad, I have days I look in the mirror and don't see how big they are. Everyone tells me theyre big for my body, but I just don't see it. Does anyone know when the "fluffing" takes place? And in saying that, I didn't have a lot of breast tissue to begin with, will I still fluff at all. was a 10B now a 10C/8D ☹️ (I really wanted to look like a D cup)
  4. Hey ladies, thanks for your input! I ended staying with my surgeon and got the 285cc's. I was measured the other day and I'm either a 10C-8D, depending on brand. Am I happy with my results? Yes and no. I'm happy they look natural. But there are some days i look at them and think I should of looked around for another surgeon. Or have gone overseas ? There are days I look at them and feel like they've gotten smaller and other days they look big. I'm still waiting for this so called "fluffing" to begin. So right now, I plan to make my decision by 6 months PO if I'll go in again and get the implant size that I originally wanted.
  5. Well at first, I was happy about the look of them. But personally I was expecting a larger cc. I want to achieve a more fuller look. But my doctor said with the implant size I'm going with, there will be more side boob and my breast will be touching in the cleavage area.
  6. Hi everyone, i just went to my consultation earlier this week with BA, leaving happy with my decision, I later have found myself ready to book another consultation. my breast width was measured 12cm and 11.2cm. My doctor settled with 11cm and possibly pushing it to 11.5cm. The implant picked was 285cc moderate profile. I can't help but wonder what size cup I will achieve, since I am only 10A/10B. i was hoping for anything over 300cc, but nothing higher than 330cc, as I feel this will give me the cup size I'm looking for. do you reckon I will be able to achieve a D cup with 285cc? Or is it wise to have another consultation? ive decided to add the vectra imaging photos, so it's easier to tell.
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