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  1. Mumma-K

    Friday fun!!!!

    Hi 👋🏼 I’m 3 months post-op now and very happy having been completely flat before (after breast feeding 2 kids for 2 yrs each). Its amazing to have boobs! Work is great too at the moment, I just bought a business and it’s so nice to be working for myself. Last day of school today so have the kids on holidays for 2 weeks, it’s going to be intense! They are 6.5 and 4.
  2. My boobs were really sore to touch for the first 3 weeks but I could hug my kids properly from 2 weeks. My 3yo is very physical so I wasn’t comfortable to hug him properly before 2 weeks. My 6yo understood to be gentle so she was fine to have gentle hugs after about a week.
  3. Mumma-K


    No steri strips for me, just the sutures and then the silicone dressing.
  4. Mumma-K


    Sorry, I just used a v-shaped pillow, I got mixed up with the names! I slept just inclined on the pillows. After my surgery I had a silicone type dressing on the wounds which was changed to tape on day 2. The tape I had was ok to get wet you just dry it with a hair dryer after your shower.
  5. Mumma-K


    Hi @JD* so exciting it’s getting close now!! i bought a neck pillow but didn’t use it once, it wasn’t comfy for me but I used a v-shaped European pillow plus 4 other normal pillows to make a pillow seat kinda thing which was really comfy! I only slept upright for 2 weeks then was comfortable on my side. If you are prone to constipation I would get some movicol. I am prone to constipation and got it really badly. I had Metamucil and coloxyl but they did nothing. I had to use an enema in the end cos it got so bad. The pharmacist said if I’d used movicol from the start I wouldn’t have got that bad. However, if you’re not prone, you’ll probably be fine just with Metamucil. I also bought arnica tablets but I think they did nothing, I bruised anyway! I took zinc and vit c for my immune system and a good probiotic as well. My surgical tape was put on at my day 2 review and stayed put until my 2 week review. The nurse then took it off and said that I didn’t need it any more unless I wanted it, so I just went without.
  6. Mumma-K

    Survey for girls with anatomicals.

    I don’t even notice mine at all when I’m lying on my back now (I’m 7 weeks post op). They are still firm in general but definitely not hard. They are softening up more every week.
  7. For me, I was struggling until exactly 3 weeks post op. The first 2 weeks it was the swelling and boob area that was bothersome and the 3rd week it was horrible middle back pain!! After 3 weeks I felt so much better but had tightness and mild pain for another week after that. I know that by 5 weeks I was feeling great! I hear you, it felt like it took so long to feel good again! Are you week 4 now? Thanks 😊 they have dropped and fluffed sooo much already! Here is a pic of 2 weeks vs 5 weeks and they are even better now at 6 weeks, just can’t be bothered doing another collage 😂😂
  8. Mumma-K

    Survey for girls with anatomicals.

    Thanks! I love mine at 6 weeks regardless but would be cool to be able to squish them together in the months to come
  9. Hey girls with anatomicals, I know anatomicals are quite firm and that’s totally fine but I’m curious to know if /when your boobs started getting more squishy post op? Did they get to a point where you could push them together a bit? Thanks for your replies 😊
  10. Thanks for the tip re: sports bras! I felt awesome during the run, I think it was my excitement pushing me through the 5km. I sure have got some sore muscles today though 😂 @Mmm22 date night was great thanks! Definitely feeling a lot more confident and sexier with my new boobs, it’s amazing what a difference it makes. How good is it to be able to run again!
  11. @KLJ I bought a 2 pack of high impact sports bras at Big W and wore both 😂 there was no boob movement at all but it was a bit hard to breathe 😂
  12. Hi girls, I had to share a few wins with you on a Friday night... I had my 5 week check up with the surgeon yesterday and was cleared to start running again. He also said I could wear any bra that I wanted, so no more post surgery bra 🎉🎉🎉 So yesterday, I went for a 5km run which felt great and I also went bra shopping. I was fitted as a 10DD woohooo and bought some beautiful bras 😍 And tonight, hubby and I are off on a date night for the first time since my surgery 😊😊 Happy weekend to everyone x
  13. I believe that alcohol is fine in moderation after you finish the antibiotics and prescription pain meds. Enjoy 😊
  14. It’s quite common to for your boobs to feel sunburnt around the 2 week mark. Mine felt like they’d been burnt on a BBQ!! That went away at about 3 weeks post op thank goodness! Worth giving the office if you’re worried though.
  15. @JD* I thought the foreign object thing would totally freak me out but it really doesn’t and I can tell it’s going to improve with time 😊