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  1. Mumma-K

    Rotation 😟

    That’s so strange that it appeared to rotate and then went back again! Especially at 12 months post op. I thought anatomicals kind of adhered to the tissue around them (due to the texture) and therefore didn’t move around much. Does it feel completely back to normal now?
  2. Mumma-K

    Rotation 😟

    Hi @elleg, I’m sorry to hear you are having problems 😞 I am curious to know if there is anything you feel contributed to the recent changes in your breast positioning? I had the same surgeon as you and I’m keen to know if I need to be extra careful with anything!!
  3. Mumma-K

    New boobs take 2

    @Stemschicky this is so disappointing to hear. I have the same surgeon as you and he definitely said to me verbally that if anything went wrong it would be fixed at minimal cost to me. I am so sorry you are going through this. Very good advice to get the surgeon’s revision policy in writing!
  4. Mumma-K

    How long did it take you..?

    I had my BA 5 months ago, 375cc below the muscle, Dr Sam Cunneen. I have a pretty good pain threshold (had 2 kids naturally without drugs). I had no nausea and minimal pain for the first few days, more like discomfort and tightness. I could move my arms pretty well. When the bruising and swelling came out on Day 3 it was more painful, not so much on the boobs but all the way around the ribs. Then I had severe constant back pain in the thoracic area, I think from my body adjusting to the weight change on my chest. The back pain was awful as nothing relieved it but I think by the 3 week mark it was starting to ease. The process was a little challenging but definitely worth it!
  5. Mumma-K

    Underwire bras and bikini tops

    I struggle with underwire too! I’m yet to find an underwire bra that sits well and doesn’t dig in. I can only wear them for about an hour before it’s too uncomfortable 😣 I’m 5 months post op. I mainly just stick to crop tops and wire free or no bra. I do always use underwire sports bras to support my boobs for running though.
  6. Good luck today @JD*!!! Thinking of you x
  7. Mumma-K

    Showering after surgery

    I could shower from the day after surgery and had no restrictions regarding arm movement so I washed my hair on day 2 or 3 can’t remember exactly! I was a bit stiff but had no trouble doing it. Using the hairdryer was tricky though. Ask your surgeon for his specific recommendations on washing and arm movements but I believe that most favour an active recovery 😊
  8. Great news 🎉🎉🎉
  9. Mumma-K

    Friday fun!!!!

    Hi 👋🏼 I’m 3 months post-op now and very happy having been completely flat before (after breast feeding 2 kids for 2 yrs each). Its amazing to have boobs! Work is great too at the moment, I just bought a business and it’s so nice to be working for myself. Last day of school today so have the kids on holidays for 2 weeks, it’s going to be intense! They are 6.5 and 4.
  10. My boobs were really sore to touch for the first 3 weeks but I could hug my kids properly from 2 weeks. My 3yo is very physical so I wasn’t comfortable to hug him properly before 2 weeks. My 6yo understood to be gentle so she was fine to have gentle hugs after about a week.
  11. Mumma-K

    Survey for girls with anatomicals.

    I don’t even notice mine at all when I’m lying on my back now (I’m 7 weeks post op). They are still firm in general but definitely not hard. They are softening up more every week.
  12. For me, I was struggling until exactly 3 weeks post op. The first 2 weeks it was the swelling and boob area that was bothersome and the 3rd week it was horrible middle back pain!! After 3 weeks I felt so much better but had tightness and mild pain for another week after that. I know that by 5 weeks I was feeling great! I hear you, it felt like it took so long to feel good again! Are you week 4 now? Thanks 😊 they have dropped and fluffed sooo much already! Here is a pic of 2 weeks vs 5 weeks and they are even better now at 6 weeks, just can’t be bothered doing another collage 😂😂
  13. Mumma-K

    Survey for girls with anatomicals.

    Thanks! I love mine at 6 weeks regardless but would be cool to be able to squish them together in the months to come
  14. Hey girls with anatomicals, I know anatomicals are quite firm and that’s totally fine but I’m curious to know if /when your boobs started getting more squishy post op? Did they get to a point where you could push them together a bit? Thanks for your replies 😊
  15. Thanks for the tip re: sports bras! I felt awesome during the run, I think it was my excitement pushing me through the 5km. I sure have got some sore muscles today though 😂 @Mmm22 date night was great thanks! Definitely feeling a lot more confident and sexier with my new boobs, it’s amazing what a difference it makes. How good is it to be able to run again!