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  1. @Neverbeenthishappy good to hear you are so happy! I had my BA with Sam on 27th June, so almost 3 weeks ago and I agree with everything you have said. Sam is a very skilled surgeon who gave me exactly the boobs I asked for. He also has a very kind and caring manner. I have posted photos in the gallery too, if you want to see them you can send me a FR 😊
  2. Thankfully the back pain was better yesterday, I was so happy! For the past week I had been in 6-7/10 pain all day and it was really horrible but yesterday it didn’t come on until the late afternoon and was only a 3/10 woohooo!!
  3. I tried on some 12C on in Kmart and they looked like they fit ok but we’re not comfy so that’s when I went into the bra shop to get sized. I really don’t think they look like an E cup so maybe they’re measuring big as they’re still sitting a bit high?? @JD* I think that’s why my back is struggling, the shock of going from A cup to E cup!
  4. Girls, I had to come on here and tell you...I just got measured for the first time since surgery and I’m measuring a 12E 😱😱😱 I’m only Day 18 so maybe still some swelling but they definitely don’t look that big! I reckon they look like a C so was very surprised! Happy though 😜
  5. My boobs feel great but I’m so over this back pain!! Gotta go back to work tomorrow so that will be interesting 😬 at the moment I can’t get to 9am without wanting to rip my shoulder blade off 😂 @Mmm22 Good to hear your getting there and are happy. I’m super stoked with how my new boobs look and looking forward to see how they change over the next few months.
  6. Mumma-K

    Lets talk...

    Hi @Melbmummy, I only had my first BA 2 weeks ago so I’m definitely not considering a re-do just yet. My boobs are looking like they will be the exact size I asked the surgeon for so I’m very happy. However, I can totally understand the desire to go bigger. Maybe I will want to go bigger next time as I certainly could carry it off with my build! If you can afford it and your hubby’S on board, then why not go for it! Just don’t enter into discussion with the friends who are being negative. I only told select friends about my BA...ones who I knew would be supportive. After all, it’s no body’s business but yours 😊
  7. How are all the May/June girls getting along? I’m 2 weeks post-op today and my boobs are feeling good! The rib and sternum bruising pain has gone since this morning and suture line pain has reduced a lot. The boob swelling has gone down and they have dropped quite a bit already. I’m confident sleeping on my side now which is great! My surgeons nurse said I could ditch the post op bra and wear supportive crops 🎉🎉🎉 The only thing is my back is killing me!! In the left side next to the shoulder blade has been hurting bad since Sunday, I think due to the posture change of having boobs now 😂. I’m doing heaps of stretches and postural exercises (I’m a physio), using heat and meds but nothing is helping yet. I’m hoping it will settle in the next week or so as my body gets used to the weight of the boobs. @BA2017 you’re next, not long now!!
  8. Mumma-K

    Side sleeping

    Thanks @sabP, yes as much as recovery can be hard, it’s all worth it!!
  9. Mumma-K

    Side sleeping

    @Wanting boobs thanks so much! Good idea to try a belt around boobs when lying on my back, will have to give that a try. I actually took 1/2 an Endone last night and slept much better so that was good. I was trying to be tough and avoid the strong meds but I have more than half a pack left so I may as well take them if I need them , no point in struggling through. I am quite comfortable on my side for about an hour so that gives me options to so I'm not stuck in the one position all night long! That sock trick is gold, I'm sure lots of us will appreciate!
  10. Mumma-K

    Side sleeping

    @pink butterfly and @sabP thank you both. I feel a bit better knowing that others have done it too. I guess if it’s not causing pain then it should probably be ok and not causing damage. I’ll check with my surgeon on Tuesday when I see him. Gosh I thought the worst was over by Day 5 but Days 10-12 have been hard! I guess I was just expecting to feel better and better but recovery has plateaued. I’m usually very active so being in pain and debilitated is mentally hard. I’m sure things will get better from here though 😊
  11. Mumma-K

    Side sleeping

    Hi all, I had my BA surgery on 27th June so am now Day 12. The past 2-3 days of recovery has been a bit hard. I think I’m just fed up with being in constant discomfort and not feeling my usual energetic self! I’m also not sleeping well on my back as I feel pain deep in the chest under my sternum. I cheated and slept on my side for an hour each side this afternoon as I was exhausted. I put a rolled up pair of socks between my cleavage and hugged a pillow for support. It felt fine but woke up a bit more swollen. My surgeon is away on hols but back on Tuesday so I can’t ask him but has anyone slept on their side this early? I don’t want to do damage but can’t keep going on no sleep either! Thanks girls x
  12. Hi @BA2017 wow, not long now! Great that you have Sam too, he’s very gentle and kind so you’re in good hands. The whole team really help you to feel at ease before and after surgery. Recovery is going well thanks. Day 1 was better than expected. Day 2 was not bad but Day 3 was the worst for me - I never had much pain from the breasts/implants or incisions but the swelling and bruising around the ribs was extensive and very uncomfortable on Days 2 and 3. Since then, it’s been better each day! The strong pain meds helped a lot but I haven’t needed them for a couple of days now. I guess just try to expect to feel uncomfortable and fragile for a few days. I’ve actually coped better than I thought I would! The post op bra is pretty much fine now, not cutting into me anymore which is great. Still I’ll be happy when I don’t need it anymore 🤣 Best of luck with the preparations for your surgery. Feel free to message me with any questions x
  13. @Wanting boobs thanks so much. I couldn’t get a hold of Sam yesterday and he’s away for the next week but I’ll call the rooms again on Monday and ask.
  14. @Kismet I rang the surgeons rooms today and left a message but no one got back to me. Hopefully the swelling will settle over the weekend 🤞🏼
  15. @JD* yes I was fitted and it is supposed to be tight. I don’t mind it tight over my boobs but it comes down really low and is cutting into my ribs. I have a very wide rib cage! I’m going to call my surgeons office today and ask their advice.