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  1. Hi Lisi, not sure how long ago you asked this question..so sorry if this to late to be of any assitance. I went to Dr. O'Keeffe Brookvale.
  2. Hi, I'm guessing you mean submental ( under chin lipo)? If so yes cost $1500, I was given 10mg Valium 1/2 hour before procedure and waited in the waiting area I was called in put into a gown but not required to remove my clothes. The doctor and the nurse created a surgical field and prepped the area as far up as my ears with the disinfecting solution it was cold but not unpleasant. Numbing solution was added to tumescent fluid which was injected in various points under the chin/neck. It became heavy and ballooned out and wobbled like a jelly bowl. I know this because I had to stop and go to the toilet and I saw this ridiculous sight in the mirror.The first two needles hurt a bit, more stinging than pain, approx 5-10mins later a thin hand held cannula ( a little thicker than a biro ink insert but not as thick as a pen) was placed just under the chin on the left and vigorous back and forth fanning motions were made, some of the movements with the cannula extended further down the neck than I expected a little freaky, the surgeon kept one hand over the area he was working sort of feeling his way, or keeping tension and approx 5cm a way on the other side the process was repeated. It was quick painless and I was able to converse through the process. I went on to have a further procedure. lipo under the chin was very effective Had I known I would have done it years before my surgeon suggested it and I'm glad I took his advice amazing what a difference the absence 25 ml of fat can have..I consulted 3 surgeons all quoted between 1500-2000. (Sydney)
  3. I bet your look great! The only opinion that matters is your own, I would take advice from the injector because they are trained do this for a living and have experience, I would take advice from the surgeon because they have the advantage of experience. It's up to you to take it or leave it. When a so called friend chimes in with harsh and poorly delivered commentary they are not thinking about your looks or welfare, their motives are based on how they feel about themselves. Everyone's aesthetic or idea of beauty is different, some people still wear scrunchies and love them. Some think Ugg boots are never to be worn outdoors. What you like is what makes you an individual. As many people you ask is as many and varied opinions you will get. If your happy with it, and your friends are making remarks that hurt and leave you feeling down, find friends whom support you without the Bitchy judgement.
  4. Have Have you taken a look at Thermage? I did consider it but as the cost is comparable to laser lipo I ruled it out.Botox and fillers just don't seem to cut it for me anymore. I did have some great success with velashape but it does not last. Immediate results though.
  5. Hi Sasha, I have delayed laser lipo. I need to loose about 4-5 kilos and I will then see who I choose from there. I think the Cosmos clinic in Sydney does it also but they are more expensive. There are more options in regards to laser lipo in Melbourne. but I have seen 3 cosmetic surgeons and all have said that for the small area I want treated that regular lipo would suffice. Still I feel the laser adds the benefit or reduces the risk of skin laxity. ( procrastinator )
  6. I'm, glad you found someone you felt confident with. Hope you look and feel great soon. Will be great to hear how your recovery goes. Drink lots of water.
  7. Hi Terristone, I have not seen Dr O'keefe for an S lift. However he did Do my nose which I am happy with. i do have a referral to see him for a necklift/platysmaplasty. But as far as his service as a surgeon I felt he delivered exactly what I wanted.
  8. Hi to all, I am looking to hear from ladies who have had a necklift, platysmaplasty, or mini lift. I am looking to have just the bands in my neck sewn back together in what's known as corset playstysmaplasty with only a submental incision. It would be a great help to hear what others have paid and gone through and possibly some guidance on whom to consult. I am in Sydney. I am seeing a Doctor Caminer tomorrow. I did consult a surgeon over a year ago but he suggested procedures I did not want and did not offer the plastymaplasty on its own. What's more the quote was for over 30 grand. Look forward to hearing from anyone who has gone through a similar experience. I realize there is a lot of breast op knowledge here, and if anyone can suggest another forum re facial surgery that would be a big help. Thanks Shelly
  9. Hi, sorry for not getting back sooner, as for the price it is $1295 for one area and the quote is only valid for a week past your initial consult. He does not have a lot of Photos or at least he did not show me many. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi mc1275, Thanks for the response, I am happy to hear you had a good result. If you don't mind me asking what area did you have done? How do you feel the results are better is it better contours? any Tunneling or uneveness? Or quicker healing? We're you completely knocked out or awake and chatting. Was there much fluid drainage, and how long did it take, and did u have much swelling? And if so how long did it take to go down Sorry to pepper you with questions. Thanks again Shelly
  11. Looking for advice on laser lipo. I am interested in finding a Doctor in Sydney and hearing others surgery results or experiences. I have had lipo in the past and need revision, I feel laser lipo may be superior to tumescent for small areas due to it being light guided and the added skin retraction. But I am not sure. I am also interested in a submental platysmaplasty, really has been hard to dind someone ti do this as a standalone procedure in Australia. If anyone has had this done that would be a great help. I am seeing Dr.Caminer next week and Dr. Kahout not long after.I am also seein Dr.Shaz Musavi regarding laser lipo but as ther is not a lot of info on him I am being super cautious .
  12. I have had twilight sedation for Liposuction, and I was not a happy camper, I was ok for 30- 40 mins and then kept waking up in ever increasing amounts of pain eventually the nurse demanding he stop. Tortuous experience, the Doctor was frantic and irritated. However I have also had twilight for much shorter non cosmetic procedures but all of those were administered by an anaesthetist, without a hitch. I'm sure it's down to qualifications and experience. If I were ever to consider twilight again I would ask the Doctor prior to surgery what he/ she would do in the event that I awoke and complained of pain, or how they ensure that this does not occur.
  13. Hi. I am in the process of having a lower back tattoo removed with the Revlite Q switched laser at results laser clinic. I am paying $140 per session for an approx 25cm by 7 cm at it's widest black pattern tattoo. I have had 3 sessions and it has faded by around 20-30%. I will need a further 9 sessions. I have had 4 treatments on a small ankle tattoo which is now gone. Pain level is pretty high and it hurts far more than getting the tattoo. Like a lava hot rubber band soaked in needles. maybe not that bad? However I am usually finished in 5 mins and the process needs to be 8 weeks apart, to allow your body to heal and reabsorb the ink or recognize it as a foreign body and eliminate it. It becomes red and mildly inflamed for some days it then forms blister like protrusions which you do not pick or poke at it slowly heals and scabs up and sloughs away. You need to keep putting bepanthen cream on whilst it heals. You can have the standard Q switched yag laser however my research tells me this the newest available technology currently available in Sydney. Hope this helps.
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