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    BA under muscle, 300 cc in left and 320 cc in right
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    Dr Andrew Greensmith 23/10/17

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  1. Also a newbie, I'm booked with Dr Andrew Greensmith monday 23rd Oct and starting to question my cc's. The Dr and I picked out two different size combinations, 280cc/300cc and 300cc/320cc and he said he would look at both sizes in theatre and decide which ones suit me best. I am now wondering if I should ask him to take another size bigger in and scrap the smaller size. I really don't want massive breasts but at the same time I'd like to be bigger than I currently am with a push-up bra....ahhh it's so hard! Maybe I should just trust his judgement, after all he is the doctor. Also, this forum suggests getting two different style post-op bras to avoid rubbing/irritation, has anyone done this? If not, would suggest it or are you coping with the one style?
  2. Without sounding too much like an echo, I also have this concern. I will be having my procedure with Dr Greensmith on monday 23rd Oct (so just over a week away). My stats are 58kg and 165cm, and currently a small C cup although without a bra I look more like a A-B cup. Dr Greensmith said he'll have two size combinations in theatre with him, one set will be 280cc/300cc and the other 300cc/320cc (which will take me up to a C-D cup) and he'll choose which ones look best on the day. After long consideration I think I'd be happier coming out of this procedure being a D cup so tomorrow I'll be emailing them to ask to scrap the smaller size completely and to instead take the next size up for comparison. I too have found that the majority of the people on this forum have or are having implants greater than 300cc. It's such a hard decision because I don't want to be HUGE either.
  3. I'm booked for BA with Dr Andrew Greensmith from Melb Institute Plastic Surgery on the 23rd October. 300cc and 320cc rounds, under the muscle. My stats are 165cm and 58kg and currently a size B-C. I'm hoping for a natural looking result and Dr Greensmith has assured me he can achieve this with rounds (I initially assumed only anatomical implants could achieve this look). My breasts are quite asymmetric (maybe a half cup size difference) so I have high hopes for the procedure. Leading up to the date I had no nerves until this week when I received my confirmation letter and procedure package/info, now I am felling a little anxious, although this is probably only natural. I'm travelling from interstate and will be travelling home by car (approx 5 hours) the day following my procedure. If anyone has any tips on how to make this drive as smooth as possible I'd be happy to hear it. I will have my partner with me for a couple days post-op but after that I'll fending for myself as he vocational placement and has to leave town for a few weeks, so with just over two weeks to go I will be spending this weekend preparing meals, rounding up plenty of button up tops from friends and shopping for new pillows. I have started applying Vitamin E cream to my breasts (a tip I found on this forum) as my skin is prone to stretch marks as it is.
  4. Thank you ladies. I had my appointment with dr greensmith yesterday and it was wonderful! I am feeling quite confident that i'll have my procedure with him later in the year.
  5. I'm booked for my initial consultation with Dr greensmith on 13th June and want to be prepared with the right questions and avoid the feeling of "I should have asked that". What were some of the essential questions you ladies asked?
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