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  1. I am curious too I saw all this before my implants and mentioned it to my PS and he said he's never had a case of it with any of his patients and in his 25 something years of doing them so I'm not sure if he just has to say that if it's true my husbands mom and sisters have them and have had them for yearssssss with no problems I also have a friend who's going on 10yrs and past her recommended time to replace them and she said also no major health issue. I kinda believe maybe these women who have problems maybe it's happened with age? Or maybe certain illnesses that are dormant
  2. I mean right now they look huge but I'm barley 17 days I know it's still swelling and once it goes down they'll just look slightly full Dammit :-( I knew I should have said 450 or even shoot for 500 Thank you and I hope I like them too they haven't fluffed yet and I'm already like hmmmm will I like you? I have seen some online smaller and looking like 500cc pictures and some 415 look small and some look huge so I hope it is just how the persons body is
  3. I'm with 415CCs and yes with the swelling coming down I'm thinking maybe I should have asked for 440 or higher my husband says they're big but I'm not soooooo convinced lol
  4. I know I've looked online and some look huge and some look average it's giving me mixed feelings
  5. Hi what CCs are these and are they saline or silicone? I have 415 and I'm worried if mine stay small I'm barley 10DPO with gummy implants
  6. Had mine 3-9-17 so far glad with my results I went with 415CCs I mean I am a little worried if maybe I went to big I told my PS I wanted a full D and going out yesterday for a bday dinner I felt like clothes look the same like before my surgery I kinda look like I'm just wearing a padded bra so I hope it changes once I drop and fluff
  7. Hello new member here had my breast augmentation after two kids and having a low self esteem on how my chest was left and deflated I was a very sad saggy C. On consultation I immediately fell in love with the 400CC but on the day of surgery my PS said he was going with 415CC I'm currently 10DPO and I think I'm seeing the swelling go down and what the end size will be and I'm not sure if maybe I should've pushed for a little higher maybe.Ive read about "boob greed" where women regret their size and stay unhappy with the end size so any 415CCs women out there what was your end bra size? I know lots of factors are involved like how you body settles with implant and chest width and weight but I just want a imagine to what size I'm maybe left with I told him I wanted to be a big D but if it went slightly bigger then hey! Good lol
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