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  1. Opinions Dr Seton

    Yep ! That's where I have just booked ! Great to hear a third opinion x
  2. Bleph - 1 day post op!

    Oh wow it is amazing @JennaB89!!!
  3. Opinions Dr Seton

    I know ... they wouldn't say on the phone. I might just go somewhere with recommendation for fillers after all. Thanks @vlinder
  4. Hi ! Has anyone have had a blepharoplasty ? I am curious about the recovery time . At my consultation my doctor said about a week but then when I got home and read the paper work it said up to 6 weeks of no heavy lifting and exercise... I'd like to hear more about it if you have any information . Thank you !
  5. Opinions Dr Seton

    Thank you @vlinder! ... I wonder weather I should go there for fillers or not...
  6. Revision cost

    Hi ! Dr Dilip at Advanced Aestetics.
  7. @VenusInFurs ...not sure yet
  8. Opinions Dr Seton

    Hi Ladies ! I would like your opinions on Dr Seton at Chevron Renaissance, Gold Coast . I have heard he is good and cheap. I am looking to get fillers and Botox. Thank you ! Much appreciated !
  9. Hu @Mama_Milks ! thank you for your message . ...I am still hating them ( 8 weeks post op ) but hoping they will change a bit in the next few months ....
  10. Revision cost

    I had a revision to go bigger, no lift . $10,900 ..so I assume $14,000 would be a good price . Good luck x
  11. Best product for scars

    Thank you @Summerholiday ! I am going to the chemist this morning will ask for that one x
  12. Best product for scars

    Thank you ladies ! I am almost 7weeks post op so I don't need to wear the tape anymore only to use some oil with vitamin E from what I understood from the nurse last week . I had my revision surgery with Dr Gahankari on the Gold Coast @Stacey Lee . Still rather disappointed with the size though :/ hoping to see some changes in the next 4 months ...
  13. Hi ladies! I would like to know what are the best products to apply on scars ? I am 6 weeks post op . Thank you !
  14. BBL

    Oh @misstons sorry about the confusion ! As much as a Brazilian butt lift sounds amazing I was referring to Broad Band Light ( or photofacial ) treatment. It is used to get rid of the pigmentation ( e.g. age spots, freckles, sun damage ) . I would like reviews to see if it's worth the $$$ xxx
  15. BBL

    Hi! Has anyone had BBL skin treatments ? Both my beautician and my injector recommended them for pigmentation . I'd like to know if it worked for you, how many sessions did you have and see some before and after photos . Thank you !