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  1. Hi ladies! I haven’t logged in in forever !!! I hope you are all doing great ! Just a quick question does anyone have any experience with facial threads and what is your opinion ? Cost/ outcome / recovery time / how long they last / doctor recommendations etc I am obsessed with my dropping jaws and the fillers and Botox don’t seem to do anything . Thank you !
  2. Thank you @LaurenT ! I am seeing my surgeon tomorrow. I hope I will get some answers .( I wonder if it was a surgical error would they ever admit it ... ) Thanks again
  3. Hi girls ! So 10 weeks after my revision breast surgery I see that my left side has started to bottom out . Took photos sent them to the clinic they said that the only thing I can do is wear a supportive bra all the time ( which I have been ) and see what happens in a few weeks. I was told a corrective surgery can be done under local anaesthetic but that doesn't mean 100% that it won't happen again. my questions are: have any of you had it done ? how much did it cost ? is it better to get it done sooner rather than later ? will I ever be able to get bigger implants ? Thank you ❤️
  4. Hi @Tambii I am 157cm and 54kg broad shoulders , athletic. I have 525cc XHP unders and they look small . The projection is good so they look good when I have a bra/top on but when when naked I think they look small ..
  5. Hi girls ! @Dyzee make sure you ask a lot of questions when you go in and also that you are 100% happy with the final decision. ... I think that's where I went wrong . I am 10 days post op. I went from 385cc to 525cc and I think they are again way too small ! I am 157cm and 55kg . Breast diameter 13cm so they fitted the largest implant for my size however I wish I have pushed for larger size . For those who had a revision done ... did you find they still "drop and fluff " after a revision surgery or not as much ? I am just hoping they will look somehow bigger in a few months ...
  6. Oh and just to reply to your question @Kayleiluk ... make sure you take your post op meds, get lots of rest, keep up the fluids and make sure you have someone to help when needed. Good luck x
  7. Hi girls ! I had a revision surgery on the 13th. I am feeling physically well but extremely disappointed ( for the second time !! ) . Initially I had 385cc two years ago and they were way too small so I went in for the second time ( different clinic ) ... I got 525cc XHP and still not happy. I have been in tears every day for the last week ... I don't even know if I should go back and let the doctor know about it. I feel like the nurse talked me into getting the right size for my breast diameter and not go any bigger ... My husband is over it ... I know I shouldn't be wining but I feel like I have chucked in the bin another $10,000 :/
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